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VSA Episode 103 [2010.07.22] (Subbed)

After so long of waiting, I present you a joint VSA project with ao_no_michi

When this episode aired two years ago, I requested this to be subbed by my fellow members from ao_no_michi and when it was translated, no one wanted to pick up the timing to bring it to completion. So I decided to take the reigns to sub it :3

Not only that, I love and adore Bananaman! Who could forget that episode episode when they went on VSA and Sho butt attacked the cameraman? bananas

I'll also be posting their version on the community in the event that some people want both versions. The file will essentially be the same, just the typesetting will be different between mine and theirs~

So without futher ado...

Download links and previews are located in my LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY~!
Community is locked and moderated!!

RAW credit: pieceofluck
Translation credit: harunomasu
Spotters: Kyasha & corlee1289
Editors: mazzque & corlee1289
Everything else: corlee1289

Please do NOT online stream, repost, reupload, or sell~!

I worked really hard and long for this and I would be devastated if these simple requirements were broken heartbreak

Comments are always much loved and appreciated arrowup

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