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i saw a few fans report! the con is soo sugei and what a success!!!!!

-clips of all the MVs (from a.ra.shi - aozora pedal )

-A.RA.SHI (outfit= the white outfit from their ONE con (the intro, when they sang Yes? No?)
-Sakura Sake
-Hadashi no mirai
-Lucky Man (they introduced themselve in chinese... however, instead of saying "i am".. they said "we are"... ex) "we are sakurai sho".. keke~ at the end, jun noticed that they said it wrong XD )
-Cool & Soul (same dance (w/ the table?) as the natsu con! jealous!!!)
-I want Somebody
-A day in our Life
-Himitsu (nino's solo)
-itsuka no summer (aiba's solo)
-top secret (ohno's solo! holy shit! i so wanna see this live!)
-la tormenta (wearing natsu con opening pink tux; format (singing order) the same as ONE con)
-Carnival Night part 2
-Typhoon Generation
-Unti Unti (sho's solo~ BOO! i rather see Touch Me Now! keke~)
-Jun's solo (same as natsu con... the fan didn't say which song.. i guess the one where nino supposed to play the guitar for him? but it wasn't nino! some jr!)
-和風の扇子踊り (hm... omiya sk song?)
-Right Back To You
-Sunrise Nihon
-Eyes w/ Delight
-kimi no tame ni boku ga iru
-pika*nchi double
-kansha kangeki ame arashi (beginning and ending in chinese~ woah! so wanna hear it!)
-Fight Song
-A.RA.SHI (some part in chinese! sugei! wanna hear!)

some additional arashi's reports... from and

i'll translate some interested stuffs from the fan report:
-aiba stumble a bit and fall 
-aiba was talking and fans starting screaming (because sho gave "fly kisses" to the camera (thus, the big screen) and aiba had no idea what happened, though he couldn't talk... and the gang started to play the "ignor aiba" game. XD
-the gang talked about the time they had the emergency press conference, where everybody called out the gang's nickname, except aiba (everybody just called him aiba).. and some fans yelled out AIBA ... he was a bit sad... sho asked everybody to called him "aiba chan".. and the fans did
-omiya SK came out... they sang one of their songs in part chinese... everyone was so high! when the other 3 came out after omiya sk went in to change, they complaint that everybody was yelling louder than they yelled for arashi; sho asked if they r yelling because SK was funny, or if they were handsome. the fans said because they were handsome; jun asked "you guys called that handsome?" XDDD; then aiba said, "if u guys think that's handsome, then at future concerts, we should just wear like SK and be silly like 'em" and sho strongly refused XDDD
-when singing La Tormenta and introducing nino, nino tried to do back flip but failed and stumble/did a few somersaults b4 getting up! XDD
-at the encore/singing A.RA.SHI/at ohno's solo... it seem like he wanted to sing the chinese lyric... but forgot the lyric; the fans were singing in jap, so he sang it in jap.. keke~ 
-CON lasted 2 hrs 15 mins~!

OMG! THE CON SEEM SO FUN!~ i so wanna see it!!!!!!! ><
that AIUEO show is very good w/ report and added a few clips of arashi's/members solo jap cons.. i hope they do the same w/ this tw con!~
omg! how can i forget about this!? stupid stupid me! at the intro, when sho was rapping in A.RA.SHI, both ohno and nino SEXUAL HARASSED sho! keke! (wonder which part they touched!!! (sho also touched aiba's ass)
and fybabe posted some news pics of the gang in the con! check it out!~


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