K.C. (red_kei) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Giveaway Contest!

I'm sure many of you might have seen this at arashi_on but I'm doing a giveaway of some Arashi magazine pages!

These are pretty 'vintage' stuff. Lol. From early 2000's. Got them back around 2006 during my hardcore fangirling days.

All you have to do to be eligible is go to this blog, find the giveaway post, and follow the instructions!

Looking forward to new friends, and giving away unnecessary clutter in the process! (i have a few more arashi related items i'll be giving away in the future).

This giveaway is currently open internationally. Winner will be chosen at random most likely, but in all honestly probably the more you participate in the blog the better chances you'll have on winning. Lol.

See you there! Mods also feel free to join! XD

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