piNk drAgON (baka_power) wrote in a_ra_shi,
piNk drAgON

tw con goods

i'm suprise~ it seems like all the con goods are different from the jap ones! 

all from yahoo taiwan & japan auction!

posters...(ohno looked so pissed! keke~ maybe he's hungry? FEED MY LEADER!!!~)

pamphlet... hm.. wonder what's the inside looks like!


tshirt.. argh~ i would seriously get this shirt if they put some creativity to the wording of the logos!
"arashi's locker" ... "ask aiba info desk" .. "claim arashi" or something! keke~! XDD
and lord. pls don't tell me ohno designed the yellow logo because it's butt ugly! looked like a plane's logo!

the back. seriously! this tshirt looked like a community event tshirt! ugly!

anybody know why they never make an arashi one? i love all of 'em!~ really hated to restrict myself to only one or two members!

bag?!!! look like it's made of hard paper..? argh~ that logo again! 

accessory for cellphone + phone screen sticker... no comment. (i really don't like the logo!)

the sticker
and i didn't find the luggage tag yet... but i don't think it's far off from the cell phone accessory (w/ the logo)
HM..... i'm kinda disappointed w/ the stuffs... sorry for so much critisim!~ XD
but seriously! who's digging the logo? ><

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