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Radio translation [2012.03.19] Date Fm Miyagi - Arashi

Here's a radio translation from this year.. ^_^

Page21 copy 3

Date: 2012.03.19
Radio station: Date FM Miyagi
Participants: Arashi
MC: Ohno
Summary: The last Miyagi radio show, so a lot of messages from the listeners are read! Have the members listened to their own show? Jun visited the Kagiheya set and talk about what happened when he was talking with Sato Koichi. Will Ohno be able to say WWW properly for the last show and what does Jun recommend to Aiba and Ohno? Sho & Aiba are challenged in the sudden senryuu corner. The final Miyagi dialect quiz is held, who places first, and who ends up getting the punishment?!

"It's Lucky Kagi no kakatta heya"
Tags: audio: radio show, other: translation

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