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Thesis help!

I've always seen many fan asking for an help to the fandom for their thesis and now I can't believe today is my turn.
Usually people ask to aswer a quick survey to collect datas, but that's not my case ._. damn...

I'm going to write my thesis on the role played by j-pop and j-pop artists right after the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. J-pop songs helped a lot of people, themes changed in some new songs, special events where held for foundraising or to cheer people suffering in Tohoku area.
In one chapter I planned to translate and discuss about various j-pop artists, while another one will be exclusively about Arashi.
The help I need from you is to collect ideas about which songs to analyse or about any particular music-related event after the disaster.

I know, this's not a survey, nor a yes/no question.
It's more complicated, but I really need an hand to gather ideas.
For a more detailed explanation just go HERE.
Thanks to every fan who will help me m(_ _)m

P.S. You can answer in english, spanish or italian
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