yasu ka kazu (trickylady) wrote in a_ra_shi,
yasu ka kazu

Hello minna~san. This is a random question/request type post.

prease to follow the cut. =) also, if this isn't allowed [which i think it should be since it's arashi] let me know.

^As you saw above. Shochan kissed Aiba. && Nino kissed Sho (or has before). I also saw Aibaka kiss Nino a few times[and almost again in a winkup shoot]. And Nino kissed Riida a few times.

So, my question(s) is/are...Has there been any other kisses on camera [clips or pictures?] Or almost kisses?

I have yet to see:
Aiba kiss Sho
MatsuJun kiss any of Arashi
Riida kiss any of Arashi
Shochan kiss Nino
Nino kiss Aiba

So basically, I want to know if YOU have && if you'd share it with me. >xDDD keke.

sorry if you're a member of arashi_on and saw some more of my pairings madness post [lolz]

Edit: My post has been so spammed up I don't know who to answer anymore. @.@ lolz. prease to show me. haha. kthxbye.

thank you in advance to anyone. ^+^bb

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