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I wanted to introduce you to a questionnaire about our fandom, which is located under this link: http://orenji-kiseki.livejournal.com/11759.html It's a questionaire focused on anon memes, but even if you never participate but still have some opinion about it, I would appreciate if you would like to share it! I know many Arashi fans take part in anon memes, especially in Arashi Anon Fic Memes which are quite popular, so your help would be irreplacable <3

All comments are screened and anon comments are allowed.
(but if you leave anon comments and you expand the length of one comment then please add some symbols like VghjsW or 4988, any random signs are fine, but the same ones in all of your comments so I will know they're continuation of your first comment. Thanks <3)

I’m making experimental research on subculture located only in Internet. I chose Johnnys, because it’s the closest fandom to mine, with more or less active memes. It would be very helpful if you could take a look and maybe answer few questions. It’s not a sociological survey so I don’t really need any personal data answered, though I added a last question out of curiosity – it’s completely up to you if you would want to answer it. You can ignore it, or skip any questions you don’t have any opinion on. What interests me the most are your opinions about certain matters, and I’m not expecting any predefined answers. I’m honestly curious how much our fandom is integrated despite us never seeing each other and living all around the world. I chose the topic of anon meme in hopes to understand the phenomenon of it’s activity.

In case you want to participate, I would be really grateful if you could do so through this weekend, before Monday (21.01.2013), so I could present my first results which will decide whether this project will be accepted. I'm sorry for the short deadline, it's just a small exercise project and I happened to be chosen for the first date for the presentation of results, so I just had some bad luck XD;

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