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C x D x G no Arashi on DVD

So, I was browsing around cdjapan when I stumbled onto something pretty exciting that I just had to share with everyone (since my sister really didn't join in on my enthusiasm when I told her lol) Anyway, apparently C,D,G no Arashi's coming out on dvd!


The info's pretty vague there so I was wondering if anyone's heard anything... well... less vague about it :D It says it's "additional unreleased footage" so I'm assuming it's random stuff from all the series but it'd be nice to know a little more info before shelling out $30 per dvd. Whatever it is though it's great they're bringing some of it out on dvd. I'd love to see the entire series out but at $30 for 120 minutes I think I'd have to spend the rest of my life actually paying for it :P lol Well, just wanted to spread the Arashi love :D Toodles!

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