i love how much i hate this (alphie_damiek) wrote in a_ra_shi,
i love how much i hate this

Arashi Popcorn Screening and Meetup Survey!

Hey everyone!

We’re getting ready to host a screening of the Popcorn concert for Arashi fans in the LA area! It’ll be a great meetup, but we need your help setting the date! We already have a location scouted in Anaheim. What we need YOU awesome people to do is fill out this survey, telling us which date(s) you’ll be able to make it. Once we tally it up, we’ll have a formal announcement and registration.

Please fill out this survey by 5PM SATURDAY, APRIL 6th. Thank you!


PS You’ll be seeing this form around the different social media sites soon, but if you know anyone who’d like to go and would want to vote but doesn’t have access to any of the major sites, please pass this survey their way!
Tags: discuss: fanmeeting

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