Sery (morninglights) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Reminder: European Arashi Fanmeet in August 2013

Hey guys,

this is a short reminder that we still have some open spots for this years’ European Arashi Fanmeet in August!

Registration is open until 17th of June 2013, but we only have 54 tickets in total, so if this number is reached, it’s only possible to get a ticket if someone else cancels theirs ;)

So if you’d like to meet other fans in the fandom and from other countries, you may want to join us. We will have lots of Arashi influenced games and activities and a whole house for ourselves to be able to fangirl together without restrictions.

For more information and for the registration click on our EUFT banner:


We're looking forward to your participation! :)

DnoArashi Fanclub
aozora_pedaru, morninglights& xani88
Tags: discuss: fanmeeting

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