awesomeclarissa (awesomeclarissa) wrote in a_ra_shi,

arafes dvd problems

hi minna!

i'm writing this to ask if you guys are facing similar problems with your arashi arafes dvd - i recently bought mine and i'm quite disappointed with it :(

when i play it on the laptop, everything is fine. however, when it's played on my dvd player on my tv, the images turn out really blurred :( like when the boys start waving hands or dance then the blurriness becomes extremely pronounced. i don't have similar problems with my 5x10 dvd when i play it, so i dont know why this is the case for my arafes one.

also, green and hey hey lovin you are randomly slotted at the end of disc two, even though it's supposed to be in the middle of disc one! WHYYY :'(

am i the only one facing this problem? :(

- awesomeclarissa

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