yasu ka kazu (trickylady) wrote in a_ra_shi,
yasu ka kazu

okay. the moment I've been waiting for most. haha.

I've been working on these gifs for days. the longest time ever. <.<

Over 100 gifs of Arashi. Their Hadashi no Mirai pv. (+ 3 picture ones)

If you don't like not even ONE of these gifs, you have mental problems.

Lemme just say, this was VERY long && if I didn't love Arashi so much - i would have quit a long time ago. lolz.

Also, the lj-friendly ones have words usually. but if there's exceptions, i'll let you know. ^.~bb
Gifs from Taiwan pamphlet

lj-friendly, with words. lolz.

lj-friendly without words. [such a big difference. >xD]

non lj-friendly

Gifs from Hadashi no Mirai pv

too big for lj but...pretty aiba. *-*

allow me to explain. this gif means - aiba is hallucinating that there's water. keke.

crazy, spazzy, arashi, colors. what more do you want?

same a above, but CIRCLES. yay. makete..isnt it?

stars yay. @.@ i'm blind.

lj version of the butt pinch, or so it seems.

too big. sorry. keke.

eeto. shochan is fun. ^.~

bubbles. [makes me think of the episode with sakuraiba..]

I want my bottle to spray out arashi. <.< [lj version]

too big for lj. lovely souvenir though. keke.

um. yasmina likes look at aiba's crotch. that is all.

tooo biiig for lj. [and no i don't mean his parts]

arashi sandwich. with extra rabu. [lj version]

you should know by now..this one is leh too big.

let's all squish shochan. [lj version]

lotsa sakuraiba in this pv. ♥ [this gif is leh too big for lj yo.]

and that pairing too..ohba? riiba? aino? aibada? I dunno. x.o let's find a name for this pairing.

aiba. makes. me. die. daily. yosh.

hora. he's MY wife. [yes, i decided I'm the man. urusai yo.]

pillow attack deshita~!

this is 'cause, moi likes his ring. uh huh.

yay, shiny aibaka~!

when i tell him to stop, it's not because im jealous. It's because i'm dying. haha.

la.la.la. just look at him. *-* [lj version]

more for you to look at, but unfortunately too big for lj. keke.

I don't mean anything by that. <.< [cough]

un, i decided he's jrock. lolz.

don't you agree?

making me dizzy. @.@''

that's not me saying 'i lub you'. it's him. <.< im reading his lips. [escapes]

same as that one ^ without words though. lolz.

uh oh, the fangirls are gonna attack me now. [hides]

the last arashi gif I made. keke. riida says peace out yo. [lj version]

the unedited version..keke.

i made so many damn spazzy gifs, i don't know which i want to use. x.o

it's shochan. who else? [lj version]

same as ^ no words. crackless sucks keke.

in this pv. nino is so...sensual. <.< nande nino.

and this. this looks like sho is rubbing his head on riida's......yeah.

one more frame than ^ but without words. keke.

i like arashi orgies. they should have more..[lj version]

yay. original one. =))

more colourfullness. [puts on sunglasses]

riida is very...stretchy. [shifty eyes] [lj version]

watch matsujun, he's thinking the same thing as me. 2 big for lj.

can I attack nino? please? [lj version]

original desu.

and aiba? can I, can I, can I? oh please? [lj version]

..do i have to say each time..that this is the original aka too big one?..x.o I'm stopping now.

yay, arashi bubbles. [squishes them]

hmm. what could i come up with that has something to do with this gif...? No reason to hold back? [attacks arashi]

i give up. they have spazzed me to deathski.

but it's not over. waaaaa.

kyaaa. his smile. *-*

shochan likes it. [lotsa clapping..keke]

looks like they're being flushed. wasn't me. [lj version]

my neck hurts. x.o

same as the shake it from before...except...original one. yes.

riida is calling out for us. [lj version]

<.< you know. you know what i'm going to say. don't make me.

i can't even see complete people. haha. except nino. lolz.

these ones. too big. but entertaining..so i put them. keke.

n'est-ce pas entertaining?

i didn't realize he stuck his tongue out so much..lolz.

<.< I'm not saying that riida is a stripper and is doing a dance for us. no way.

one of the sensual nino times..@.@

yosh. crack added.

he dances so slow..keke.

kyaaa. sensualism is back again. [lj version] no words..o.o;;;; [sweats]

....please tell me you agree. [lj version]

he's making pouty lips. *-*

pillow attack desu.

see, more sensualism. I'm not imagining things am I? *-*

am I the only one who wants to lick his jaw line is having bad thoughts? probably. [sigh]

pow. kamera & me is dead.

why. are we cleaning?

read his lips. c'mon. he said it. <.<

spazzy, colorful ninoness. yay.

yesh, i made most of arashi ghetto. enjoy it.

poor nino, I mistreat you. >xDD [lj version]

lotsa love for you though.

uh huh. dragonball z movements. [dies laughing]

mainichi? ...what does that mean cherie? x.o [dumb] original btw, so too big.

okay. I won't speak or be seen..too man y rabid jun fangirls out there. <.<

we all know what you would say. [lj version]

more time to think about it with this one...[since its longer aka original]

yay. I like this one a lot. bluueee & stars..yay.

his turn to attack with the pillow..

his hair is cute in this one..keke. but he doesn't do an raburabu. [sad]

yes. in the tub. [lj version]

originalski. enjoyski.

ha.ha. I make myself laugh. shutup.

ghetto jun yo. fo' real~!

if you haven't guessed, I'm making fun of pokemon. lolz.

look at his mouth. he is growling. <.<

spank. spank. spank. yay. [lj version]

closer spank. also, teh original. keke.

the pillow attacks back. revenge of the pillow. [yes, im making fun of star wars' titles]

i think I might definitely have to use this spazzy one. keke.

see, the pillow had a reason to want revenge. he punched it in leh stomach. bad sho!

this is a joke me & my friend use to have. <.< lolz.
her: you suck.
me: I suck what? [shifty eyes]
haha...don't mind me.

clap. that is all.

he's bored of us. he's changing the channel. [when i say us, i mean me]

haha. once again, im just writting what he's saying. >xDD [lj version]

don't question my sanity..

ka.wa.i.i. ne?

ah ha. looks like he scratched his butt..wouldn't surprise me

same as ^ ...without the crack. therefore less fun. keke.

shhhhaakke those hips. [lj version]

i enjoy this pv way too much. trust me.

adorkable, as always. [lj version]

bobbing his head...damn him. <.<

um...riida is religious? looks like a spazzy cross sign..hahha [lj version]

the camera can't even keep up..sheesh. [cocaine i tell you]

he makes everything look fun..haha.

is that his own hand or someone else's? i've always wondered.

keke. tko for both. the victor is null.

my head hurts. lolz.

ah ha. reminds me of something.....

hmm. riida's evil. bwahaha.

uh huh..his wings. chicken wings. barbecue ones. [hahaha]

yes yes, he's saying hashirou..or w/e...but look closely.

pose for me you manmeat. hahahaha.

excuse my mind. o.o;; he's a whore.

kekeke. should be one if it isn't.

are you gonna sit there & tell me he doesn't look cute?..cmon...

keke. bouncy,trouncy, flouncy full of fun fun fun. [dead]

131 gifs total, to be more precise.
Edit: comments added~! =DD

most of which are hentai. [cough]

please to enjoy. @.@ [goes to sleep for a week]

x-posted my journal.

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