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(Rumors) Matsumoto Jun as Shusei Kugayama from L-DK!!

always always
I thought that Jun♥ is the only one suitable for
a possible role as "Prince" Shusei from L-DK! awww ~(人●´ω`●)♥

the movie will be released in Japan in Spring 2014
while the shooting will start in July this year.

waiting confirmations (*°∀°)=3 ....

(Edit: I changed the title, adding "Rumors" because the news comes from a tabloid
I apologize for any misunderstanding, I'm very sorry m(_ _)m )

so cute! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ"

Thank you so much to Yamakaze0672 for this report:

"Source Tospo (tabloid)
Jun Matsumoto as parner at Ayame Goriki starring move "L・DK"
high light is their semi nude bed scene> story based on comic"

Image Credits to owners
editing by me.

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