ninomisakura (ninomisakura) wrote in a_ra_shi,



it is me again.
Some might remember me from before when I was looking for some fans in DC...well this is rather embarrassing, but I am moving to NYC and  therefore my request changed a bit.

I havent had the chance to meet up with any of the girls who answered, I guess it was a really silly time for all of you finishing your colleges, so I hope this time is better for anyone living in NYC and northern suburbs.
I am very interested in Japanese restaurants/groceries, anime/manga shops, asian gardens/art/culture and films.

I already know there is the Japan Society and they are currently screening some movies this month if anyone wants to join me. I would like to attend the AKB documentary (bite me), but I am pretty much open to any.

Thanks a lot!
Tags: discuss: fanmeeting

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