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Checking Interest - Arashi Quiz

Hi all,

last week I posted a translation of Nino's interview. That was my first time translating a magazine interview so I was worried whether it turned out okay or not. But I got a lot of positive responses, so I was very happy.

Anyway, since I need to improve my Japanese, I think it'll be good for me to translate more articles to practice. And because I feel kinda bored lately, I feel like doing something fun. SO, I plan to organize an Arashi Quiz. I will publish a quiz about Arashi online, and whoever gets the highest score is the winner. The prize will be a translation of magazine interview (not article) or a translation of some short Arashi clip (around 20 mins, just translation, not subtitle).

So is there anyone interested to participate? If not many people are interested then I just won't bother. I just hope that we can all have fun together doing something like this ^0^. Then, I'll wait for your responses. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Tags: ! question, discuss: special event

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