+++KaOrUkO+++ (kaorin_luv) wrote in a_ra_shi,

***Broken-hearts***Cry out...cry...Thai ARASHI fan....

When I was about to go to sleep, my friend called me and told me the WORST NEWS I ever had during this period....

She told me that....ARASHI have canceled their concert in Thailand! I'm now very heart-broken...since I've just had a final decision one day after the Reformation in Thailand that I would buy the 3,000bahts (=$110) ticket to this concert....(As I dared begging my parents for this big amount of money...to see real ARASHI...........I've never done such a thing...Never....*cries...)

Dear ARASHI's fanclubs,

In the afternoon of 29th September, the of ARASHI, Japan, has an officially decision to postpone an arrival to Thailand in order to attend the Thai-Jpop Concert which was about to hold in Impact Arena,MuangThong Thani on the 7th October.

Since the next schedule is still unclear, GMM Live, the concert organiser has decided to return the money to fanclubs who have bought the concert tickets since the 5th October.....

I really wanna cry..... I had been waiting for this concert for more than 6 years now! And it have been canceled due to the Politics situation in Thailand!! Without having known when will the concert be arranged again..... T_____T

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