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Nino in a new drama!

Hey guys,

I just saw this on Twitter, so of course I had to share it with all of you.

Looks like Nino is getting a new drama in April!

Nino drama news

Source: pic.twitter.com/qtIDAG70JL

My Japanese sucks, but from what little I gleaned here, it looks like Nino is set to start a new drama (Saturday 9pm) in April. He will be playing a teacher for the first time, and his character will be coaching a weak (?) high school baseball team. Japanese speakers, please let me know if I am misinformed here.

[ETA: So I don't know if he's going to be a coach, but he's playing a teacher, and this drama is based on a nonfiction book about a high school baseball team.]

Here's another Twitter pic of the same news:

Source: pic.twitter.com/QN9XI2uqQr

I checked the Johnny's website but there was nothing about this new drama of Nino's there,, so I will say that this is just a rumor for now. But I REALLY HOPE IT'S TRUE because Nino hasn't done a drama in so long (not since Freeter) and I love being able to look forward to his acting every week.

[ETA: IT's TRUE! I'm not the best at recognizing what sources are reliable in Japan, so I tend to be overly suspicious of all news. But others have since informed me that this drama is pretty much a confirmed thing! So excited and happy for Nino. This sort of story seems like just the type of thing he would be able to pull off well. I mean, it's baseball, right? Haha!]

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