piNk drAgON (baka_power) wrote in a_ra_shi,
piNk drAgON

this week's mago

(paste myself from jdorama)

argh~ this week's mago is taking awfully long~ donna why~ still waiting..
in the meantime.. 

-the group talk: (poor nino! everytime, eh?) 
-the opening: (lol! i'll be superb happy just to see the boys in their cheif uniform! kawaii! puhahah)
**must remember utube is a great source!**

i believe it's a MUST SEE for ALL AIBA'S FANS (lucky lucky!) because this is when u get to see ALL OF AIBA! (well... ALMOST ALL!) kekek~

keke~ although sho/aiba were like in hell for that half day, was it? i'm kinda happy that we have ANOTHER thing in common... that's me when i was working at a daycare centre! PUHAHAHAHAHHAHA!~ (heart)


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