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Arashi Subbed Video Index.....Helpful?

Hello, my name is Abby and I've been a fan of Arashi's since about 9 years ago. Over the years I've been on LJ, I have seen and joined many subbing communities that have been created for the same purpose, and that is to sub videos for Arashi fans. These subbing communities start off with many releases and lists of projects but as time passes, these communities soon 'float away' due to commitments in RL. Then a new subbing community is created and the cycle continues again. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but for many fans who are starting to like Arashi eventually want to find subbed Arashi videos that were released many years ago but are not able to find them or do not know about it.

I have been contemplating if I should create a livejournal community or a website that can be used to help fans know which Arashi videos have been subbed or not. The index that I'm thinking of will consist of: episode number, air date, guests, etc. Also I would like to add a fun fact about each episode if there is one. If you're like me, I sometimes remember some funny events/happenings but I can't remember which episode it was when it happened. (Ie. Sho knocking down the cameraman after finishing Cliff Climb, Sho drawing a hairy snowman that is supposed to look like Totoro, Ohno kissing Nino's nose [or the other way around] at the start of an opening of Arashi no Totsugeki no Bagohan, etc.) In addition, I will not only cover Arashi variety shows and guests appearances (like the infamous Utaban episodes) but also movies, dramas, drama specials, concerts, promotional videos, commercials and TV specials.

I know there are a few Arashi subbed videos indexes such as we_make_storm and kazunari@dreamwidth but due to RL, they have not been able to update their indexes. (I've checked and they haven't updated since 2013.) Due to the commitments we all have, it would be easier if the site is open for all and have mods check now and again for any errors or misuse of the site. But then again, it would make it harder to maintain the site as well...

This is what I have thought of so far and this is open for discussion. Any feedback is welcome. (●^U^●)

Note: This subbed video index will contain links to the communities' pages that are locked. That is to say, you will need to follow their rules and join their community before you are allow to download their links. The index will absolutely NOT contain any download links. If I commit to this, I will ask permission from the various subbing groups or check with their rules about re-directing to their website. I want this site to be helpful, not to make people angry with me for breaking their rules.
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