Darkilk (darkilk) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Audio: Digitalian concert recordings (Osaka, Tokyo)

Have been in Japan for a month-long break and Arashi concerts!  Just got back in time for the end of 2014 and after a wild ride into Arashi's 5x15 year.  The fandom's been really fun and filled with good (and not so good) times.  Still, I wanted to share a little present - or four - if you’re interested.  Of course, reminder not to reupload these files; comments are always much loved.

Concerts I attended:
~ Osaka: 27.11.2014, 30.11.2014
~ Tokyo: 19.12.2014, 23.12.2014

Files can be found in this post on my journal here.
Tags: audio: album/single

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