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ARASHI FANPROJECT :) Over 355 fans !! we are waiting for you :)

Calling all Johnny's fans around the world!
Artists go where fan are !!

Bonjour, Hello, we ask for your help for a big project « 嵐 (Arashi) @Paris, France » on mymusictaste. Over 355 Arashi fans participate in this big project!!
MyMusicTaste organizes live music concerts, which are initiated by fans from all around the world. With live music experience, their team is able to bring together artists, promoters, and fans to create a valuable and meaningful concert for all parties and they contact the agencies of entertainment.
We must have 500 participants for the next step !!
It's simple, (via facebook, twitter, g+ ou Email)
- click on this link :
- click on « Make » and determine an average price you would be willing to pay for a concert ticket of Arashi. (don’t be afraid, you don’t need to pay, it’s free !!)
- click again on « Make »
Welcome on board, you are making part of the fansproject !!
- Do a Taste ♥ if you can !
- Post a message if you want (it will be so nice :D)
- Share this link and invite your friends to do this too!.
Let's share and still hope ! Even to those who don't believe in it, even though you can share, it doesn't cost you anything, right ?
We count on you, please share it as much as you can ! Thank you in advance ! Merci beaucoup !

For more informations :

Arashi in paris :
Arashi french fandom :
Arashi France :

05 FireShot Screen Capture #1294 - 'Mamasan Amnos' - www_facebook_com_mamasan_amnos_ref=tn_tinyman
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