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ARASHI no Wakuwaku Gakko 2015 - Live Viewing in Singapore

The LIVE VIEWING of ARASHI no Wakuwaku Gakko 2015 will be coming to Singapore again, this year! After the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Japanese citizens took every step to live economically, and ARASHI held the first Wakuwaku Gakko to share the spirit of “Everyday, we should do what we can.” With this year’s theme of “Japan’s traditional culture and event”, ARASHI’s 5 members become teachers, with each member heading a class in Tokyo Dome to learn about Japan’s traditional culture and events, together with the audience.

This year, ARASHI will also be joined by students Hey! Say! JUMP as well!


Date/Time: 240 minutes broadcast
27th June 2015 (Sat) 4PM
28th June 2015 (Sun) 10AM or 4PM

Shaw Theatres Balestier(360 Balestier Road, Shaw Plaza, #04-04, Singapore 329783)

Merchandise Sales
1. Teacher & Student Clear File (ARASHI & Hey! Say! JUMP Group: 1 type; S$7)
2. Tote Bag (S$20)
3. Tissue Case Pouch (S$12)
*Merchandise to start selling 1hour before the start of each show.

Standard Ticket Price
S$50 (Allocated Seats)

Ticket Sales will be announced at a later date. Each transaction is limited to a total of 2 (two) tickets, and resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.

* This event is a live broadcast. Please note this is not a concert.
* As this event is simulcast LIVE via satellite, there is a possibility of disruption due to acts of God outside the realm of control
* This will be subtitled in part: however, adlibs from the individual members will not be subtitled
* One person may only purchase up to 2 tickets, due to the organizers’ hope to allow as many people as possible to watch this screening. The resale of the tickets is prohibited.

Link to original article: here at Shaw Theater's web. Hope to see you all there!

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