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愛を叫べ Single Release

Do you remember the new song for the wedding CM? 愛を叫べ (Ai wo Sakebe) is made into a single! Also, the coupling is ユメニカケル (Yume ni Kakeru), the song for the new JAL CM!

There will be two editions, Limited Edition and Regular Edition. Both will have 愛を叫べ, ユメニカケル, and the karaoke versions of both songs.

The Limited Edition comes with a B-side song A (title undecided) and the karaoke version. It also comes with a DVD, containing PV of 愛を叫べ, a choreography video of 愛を叫べ, and a press conference video of Ohno Satoshi about the JAL plane painting.

The Regular Edition comes with two B-sides songs B and C (title undecided) and karaoke versions of those songs.

More details and the tracklist can be found here in Johnny's net. :D

Links for preordes are up too!

Amazon JP
[LE] [RE]

[LE] [RE]

[LE] [RE] [Bundled]

[LE] [RE] [Bundled]

[LE] [RE] [Bundled]

[LE] [RE]

Other links can also be found here. I'll update it when YesAsia and Amazon links are up YesAsia and Amazon links are up now. I won't add more links to the post but you can find other links on the jnews links. And if you have other links please don't hesitate to comment and I'll put it up. Happy preordering! :D
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