violomana (violomana) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Looking for Seattle Arashians

Anyone in the Seattle area? I'm looking for more Arashians to hang out with. :)

A few of us are meeting for Arashi karaoke at Rock Box this Monday, August 31 (sorry for the late notice ^^;) and we'd like more fans to join!

If you can go, RSVP with a comment and I'll PM you the details of the meet-up.
Please RSVP by Sunday evening so I can get the right-sized room for our party.
[NOTE: Rock Box is a bar and requires everyone to be 21 and over.]

*If you can't go but still want to hang out, please comment or PM me too! I'd love to know if you're here so we can plan events in the future. ^_^

Hope to meet you soon!
Tags: discuss: fanmeeting

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