darkiller (coolohoh) wrote in a_ra_shi,

New Arashi Sharing Community - Storm Freaks

Hi all!!! *Waves*

I'm here to advertise a new community storm_freaks!

It's a fun, wacky community to share random Arashi stuff!

What is it?
It's a community made by a bunch of fellow Arashians, wanting to spread the Arashi love. The community will be updated 4 times a week with random Arashi fun! GIFs, screenshots, news, rumors, translations... (almost) everything and anything under the sun that's Arashi related! Members are most welcomed to share on the community too!

Why join?
Because we are nice, friendly, and fun people! We have an awesome Storm Freaks Special Points System and we also give out prizes!

Join us NOW!
Membership is moderated, but joining is really easy! (Honest!) Head to our Welcome post to join now!
Tags: advertisement, other: info

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