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6th Member Countdown 2015-2016!

I'm hosting an online party for all Arashi fans via a YouTube live stream!

Time: Dec 31st 11:30 PM JST (that's 2:30 PM UTC, 6:30 AM PST, 9:30 AM EST, 3:30 PM CET, 12 AM 1 Jan ACST)
What's happening:

1. I will be reporting, from my home, the Johnny's Countdown on FujiTV, with a huge focus on Arashi. Basically, I will be fangirling live and I hope you can be with me. (If you are in Japan as well feel free to join in and add to the fun but if you're not and you don't mind spoilers for the countdown, please come too.)
2. Due to copyright issues, though, audio will be switched off for viewers (I will be wearing headphones) and the camera will be trained on me instead of the TV. I might, however, accidentally place the headphones on the mic and/or sometimes face the camera towards the TV.
3. I am a huge fan of community and would like for us to get to know each other. Therefore, I will also be talking about myself, mostly in the capacity of an Arashi fan.
4. I will be giving away some Japonism goods and will announce via social media on how you can win them as the live stream progresses. (I will be using the hashtag #6thmembercountdown on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to interact with you instead of YouTube live-stream comments because those are easier to track.)
5. My username is quekchannel on socials - feel free to follow for updates.
A little about me: I'm Lydia. I've been an Arashi fan for 12 years and a member of the Livejournal Arashi community for seven. I've been living in Japan since the summer of 2011. I really enjoy being part of this international community and I want to give back, hence this event. It's online so you can join no matter where you are! I chose the title '6th Member Countdown' because I really liked how the term encapsulated all of us - huge shoutout to the Nino of 2008's 24HTV.

I am really going to give away Japonism stuff that I queued for hours for, so I hope you come join the party.

PS. In case you happen to like other groups as well, I won't flat-out ignore questions about them (like what they are doing and what song they're singing) and will try my best to answer them, but priority will be given to questions or comments about Arashi. I actually also happen to be a TOKIO fan so please expect some squealing over Mabo. Thanks.

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