darkiller (coolohoh) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi's new single I seek/Daylight to be released on 18th of May 2016

Who's excited for the new single? It's gonna be a Double A single with TWO PVs and TWO makings! Yay!

Isn't that awesome? More information on the single here.

Track listing:

Limited Edition 1:
1) I seek
2) Daylight
DVD: I seek MV + Making

Limited Edition 2:
1) I seek
2) Daylight
DVD: Daylight MV + Making

Regular Edition:
1) I seek
2) Daylight
3) Tadaima (ただいま)
4) <Untitled>
5) I seek original karaoke
6) Daylight original karaoke
7) Tadaima (ただいま) original karaoke
8) <Untitled> original karaoke

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