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Jun's post in J-Web


Jun wrote in his J-web bout starting filming for hana yori dango 2
just thought id translate it for n e fans

if ne one needs anything, arashi related or not translated form japanese to english or vice versa just let me know!I'm fluent in both so i should be able to translate fairly quickly!!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time, Jun Matsumoto here!

At last filming for ‘Hana yori dango 2’ has started

Thinking about it, it seems like this year has gone so quickly. But I guess a year is still a year.

Since Part 1 ending, so many things have happened…
In the beginning of this year I had a drama, film, on stage (butai), there was even a time when there was only 4 members of arashi…It’s been the longest summer of my life and for the first time we went to visit Asia. The Variety TV show all 5 members of arashi are in has changed to a new one too (Arashi no shukudaikun).

Even with all this, I’m sure I will be able to get back into the world of ‘Hana yori dango’ really quickly. That’s what I’ll aim for.

When thinking about things, I feel as if there has to be something extra in Part 2. I can’t talk about it much here but that is what I think.

So anyway, I will go into filming with the mindset that I’m making something new and work hard.

I’m going to ‘Crank In’!!
The Hanadan express is about to depart!

I’m afraid I don’t have any pics this time but try and picture it in your minds from the text.

From Jun Matsumoto 10/31

Cant wait for the new series!!!!!

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