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Duet dec issue. TRANSLATION!!!! (but only part two sorry)

hello again!

just here posting the tranlation of duet december issue.. arashi section of course!!

they guys are so funny, they get along so well.....
i'm sorry but i was only able to get hold of part 2 of the interview but it is still really funny. if n e one knows where i can get hold of scans from other mags i will translate them...

N – nino
O – ohno
S – sho
J – jun
A – Aiba

Q – We are all looking forward to how its gonna be in the Korea concert. Talking of Korea, with your Asia tour coming to an end, your individual activities are also increasing…

S – We are really looking forward to Ohno’s butai (stage show)
N – Really excited!
S – the other day I was in a CD shop and I saw the bruxe lee DVD box set and I really was thinking of buying it but…
O – I’ve got all Bruce Lee DVD’s !!
S – That’s what I thought!
N – Well then I might get you Jackie Chan for your birthday!
O – but I’ve seen a lot of Jackie Chan too!
M – What about Jet lee?
O - …
S – Your show is in the Aoyama theatre right?
M- ‘Tonigh~t Tonigh~t♪’ Right?
O – So many memories (of west side story)
S – Its been a long time right? Now that I’m not there you have the makeup room all to yourself!
O – it might be a bit weird cos back then we were always together.
S - Should I go with you? And stay by your side? Lol!
N – its until 28th dec right old man?
O – yeh
A – you are performing in Osaka too right?
O- yeh
N – I’m so looking forward to it! Shall we go for aiba chans b-day?
A – it will be a birthday to remember too!
N – shall we celebrate it during the show?
A- will you do that? For me?
O – but 24th dec (aiba chans b-day) is Osaka
N – oh well then im not going!
A- Yeh Tokyo is fine with me!
M – Maybe I will go to Osaka then. But members that stick with you everywhere isn’t that great either right?
A- like an entourage!
S – Satoshi – kun, you have rehersals and then the Korean concert right? That’s such hard work! Good Luck!
O – Yeah I’ll work hard.
A – But this year is our 8th year as arashi. Saying that we don’t really think about that do we?
M – lets start caring about it! But I guess it doesn’t really matter. What do you think aiba chan?
A – I care about it!!! ( change of character?) you know 7 years, a lot happened in that time!. 8 years is a long time! And now we are expanding into asia.
S – Ye~h.
N – Say it again!
A – We are expanding! So I think we should make it a good year right?
N – aiba chan is like the Captain now!
M – people say 5 years and 10th year anniversary often but its not like we are aiming for 10 years . its not like we are for a limited time only.
S – You could say we are just living every year. Kinda like going back to how we were in the beginning.
O - I wanna go back to how we used to feel!
N - but they say 8th year, 9th year, 10th year and 15th year but we will still have to keep working ‘as normal’’. And when that happens its important how WE are at that point. So it doesn’t really matter how long we have been together, but seeing as it is our 8th year, Lets all pull together and Work Har Yeah!!
M – for me, instead of saying lets work hard now, I always try and work hard. Saying that, Leader, what do you think ?
O – (grinning) Bacchiri! ( Perfect!)

wow thats quite long! hope you all enjoyed it...expect more to come!

feel free to comment too..itsnice to know so many people like reading the translation

ps remember requests are welcome!

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