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nino's trailer trans

translation of trailer for iwo jima as requested by aishoni

i cute out the bit at the end cos its not that interesting and no nino....but i tried my best with the translating..its hard when the video wont stop and you are trying to type at the same time...but however many times i watch the trailer , it just makes me want to watch it more,...

N - nino
W - watanabe ken


the battle that America thought would only take 5 days to end…..
…there were the Japanese who protected the island for 36 days…
…this is their story…

N- Dear Hanako….we are digging…there we fight and may die…..

Academy award winning director, clint eastwood

W-From today I will go to where my men are waiting for me. I have decided to give my life to this country,…

W-….what are you doing?.....are you incharge of these men?...
Man – no
W- then do not abuse them. You must use your head, not just a stick (for beating)

Iwojima, 2nd regiment?

‘The island is weak…we will dig underground and fight from there.’

N-whatever happens we are all gonna die,
W-It is our responsibility to the people to keep fighting the enemy till the end……

…..lets go…….

…..FIRE…….’lots of banging and shooting (>_<)’

‘Ken Watanabe’ if it means that our children/people back in Japan can live another day longer, there is meaning for us to keep fighting!

‘Kazuniari Ninomiya’ – Hanako, This letter will probably not get to you, but thinking of you and our baby keeps me going.

‘The enemy would never treat one of us!’
‘Tsuyoshi Ihara’ – have you ever met an American? Treat him…

‘Ryo Hase’ – As a soildier walking here, we should commit suicide! (during the war,, Japanese felt being killed by the enemy was very embarrassing therefore committing suicide was seen as brave…..hence the forming of kamikaze)
N – which will be more beneficial, dying here right now or not giving up and keep fighting?


sorry if its a little hard to understand.. i tried to split it up to make it more understandable but its hard..... hope you can understand it


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