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SPREADING ARASHI!!! Getting Truth into the Top 2000

Hey everyone! We need your help!

The Top 2000 is a yearly radio event in the Netherlands, where everyone can vote for their favourite songs. They then broadcast all 2000 of them in a countdown to the New Year. Nearly half of the country listens to this, and even though Holland is small, that is still a lot of people! In this Arashian-scarce country, we'd like to vote Truth into the Top 2000 in the hopes that people will get curious and maybe a few more fans will be born :D

Last year song number 2000 had less than 400 votes. Even if we manage to get enough votes, it probably won't end up very high, but that's actually a good thing. More people listen to the kick off than say, to song number 1900-1700. It's really important that everyone votes for the same song of course! So definitely include Truth in your list!


1. Go to https://stemmen.top2000.nl/#!/index.html?page=1&q=&view=list.

Here you see this:

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

The song we want to nominate, Truth, is not in the 'keuzelijst' (choice list) --the list of songs that have been in the Top 2000 before-- so we have to fill it in at the 'vrije keuze' (free choice) part. Dutch resembles English an awful lot so I'm sure you can figure out most of it, but I'm still going to go through this step by step.

2. Fill in 'Truth' at the 'Titel' line and 'Arashi' at the 'Artiest' line.

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

You can write a motivation for the song but you don't have to. Then click the 'voeg toe' (add) button.

In order to be able to vote, you have to at least pick five songs from the choice list -- just start scrolling, there's bound to be some stuff you know. For the really enthusiastic ones; you can pick up to twenty songs from the choice list, and another fifteen free choice songs on top of that (more Arashi? :D).

3. Once you have the minimum of six songs --the five mandatory ones from the choice list and Truth-- click the 'je stemlijst' (your list of votes) button right above the free choice section.

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

4. At the bottom there is a button that says 'stuur lijstje in' (send in the list). Click that one.

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

5. You then land on a page where you have to fill in some personal data. Please don't run away if you'd rather stay anonymous, you can fake your name and zip code.

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

Fill in your given name, family name (or make them up) gender and email. The next one, age, is not mandatory so leave it blank if you want. Same goes for the telephone number.

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

Here again, a lot can be left blank. Fill in 1111AA and Diemen for postcode and woonplaats if you don't want to fill in your own.

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

The last bit: only tick the last box. Unless you're interested in newsletters and an earlier released version of the list of course, then tick the uppermost two as well. Then check the box that you're not a robot and the button that says 'verstuur' (send).

6. You then might be asked to fill in a survey.

Top 2000 - Sla enquete over.png

You can skip this if you want. Just click the 'sla enquete over' (skip survey) button.

You then end up on this page:

Top 2000 - Vrije keuze blance en keuze lijst.png

Which basically just thanks you for voting. You're done!

Please share this if you can. Let's show the power of international Arashi fans YAY!
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