Destiny ♪ (yuidirnt) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Destiny ♪

[mod post] Rules amend

Hello, your friendly mod here. I would like to cover two topics in this post:

1) This is not a general Livejournal support community. All the posts you make here have to pertain mainly Arashi. Asking for info about Arashi is allowed, asking for help to find files is allowed, asking for help on how to use Livejournal is not allowed. If you need help, you can find LJ's Frequently Asked Questions here, and ask your own questions here.

2) All request posts asking for files (scans, raw videos, subbed videos) need to be member-locked and tagged with the "! question" tag. Any post breaking this rule will be deleted without prior notice. Please do also remember that a number of communities do not allow even mentioning their name outside of the release posts they make themselves, so please do avoid making request posts for specific subs, rather ask if a certain video has been subbed, so that links to communities who allow them can be shared. Links to communities who forbid sharing will be deleted without prior notice, and multiple instances of this will end in a ban.

The rules on the community profile will be shortly edited to include this.
Tags: ! mod post

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