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Nino Solos from MMA~~

I have a new hobby, minna...which is to rip Nino solos from MMA!!!

Have anyone done/shared that before? I thot they are simply here are 3 of them (including the all popular konseki!!! the true first debut of this song is here at MMA yeah???) Never mind he goes slightly out of tune sometimes, enjoy the all-rounded guitar talent boy NINO!!!!!!!!!

Konseki [MMA #7 - 2005.05.21]

Ashita Ga Aru Sa [MMA #10 - 2005.06.11]

Seishun No Kage [MMA #16 - 2005.07.23]

Comments are lurved ^~^   if you guys like it, i dun mind doing some more of these rips...if you re-post the links -- just rem to credit me okies (*-*)

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