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Storm Freaks - Now Recruiting for Cycle 4!

Hi all!

storm_freaks is now recruiting members for Cycle 4! (Well we are actually open to membership applications every day of the year, but we can't possibly spam you here everyday can we?)

So yup! A new cycle has just started, so you should join now and start having fun and winning prizes!

You ask: Huh? What's a cycle? What prizes? And just what is Storm Freaks???

Woah woah, one at a time!

Storm Freaks is a community that strives to be the one stop hub for all things fun and Arashi.

We bring you regular servings of Arashi news, discussion, fun and games. If you want to keep up on Arashi news, make friends, chat with other fans, play some random games... Then Storm Freaks is where you NEED to be!

Membership is moderated, but signing up is easy! Just read and follow the instructions on the membership post. It's really simple and quick, I promise!

So what's a cycle you ask? We have a special points earning system where you can earn points, and win prizes and the end of every cycle. Each cycle lasts 5 months!

Oh prizes you say? Yup! So far we have given out - magazine, waku waku clear file, papu pics... And other homemade prizes like Arashi themed keychain/deco, stickers, logo deco and more!

Still hesitating?

Here's why you MUST join Storm Freaks:

- Get the latest Arashi news, all in one convenient place! Twitter and tumblr are nice but... Things move just a little too fast doesn't it? Here at Storm Freaks, we'll pick out all the important news summarize it for you!

- Loads of discussion going on! From Arashi's live performances, concerts, to drama ratings, to rumors and wedding plans even *gasp*!?!?!?! There's something for everyone!

- FUN FUN FUN. We have a ton of events, games, and activities to keep your occupied! Bored in class? Why not try an Arashi word search? Or test your knowledge of Arashi songs in Guess the Song? Or do a crossword? Be warned, the games are 100% hard but 1000% fun! (And if you still can't find the words/guess the songs/whatever, you can always discuss murder plans... Nuruhuhuhuhu!)

- Meet new Arashi fans! We have so many discussions, events and activities... There's like a million chances for you to meet and interact with us mods or other fellow Arashians! We do things like card exchange and secret santa too! You know, physical, handwritten cards, and real physical secret santa gifts! How cool is that? Join in the fun now!

- Storm Freaks Special Points System! On top of all the fun you'll get from participating in Storm Freaks... There's the Storm Freaks Special Points System! Earn points for simply having fun in Storm Freaks - taking part in the discussions, joining the events, and playing the games and activities! Top scorers every cycle wins prizes too! (Yes, real, physical prizes that you can hold, feel and touch. In this digital ages... We are bucking the trend and being unique!) And a new cycle has JUST started so now is the perfect time to hop in!

- Occasionally we share subbed/karaoke videos, or translations, or TV program reviews! Ok, don't expect too much of it. We're more into the news/discussion and random events/games... But once in a while we share some translations too!

- Psst... Having a headache over the need to hit XXX comments to join some community? Well, you won't ever have that problem again if you join Storm Freaks! We have so many things going on here... We will make you want to comment. A lot. And yes, please comment loads! We love (positive) member interactions/discussions!

Well what are you waiting for? Head over to Storm Freaks and get applying NOW!
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