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[ENG & FR subs] NEWS ZERO - Tomioka, Fukushima report (2017.03.06)

Hello everyone!
Here is this week's subbed News Zero.
This one is special. As every year since the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011, Sakurai-caster, on his own request, goes there on a live report and help the locals. This year is no exception.

If you usually don't watch News Zero, I highly suggest that you at least watch this one, it's really interesting and important :)

[winkychan] News Zero - Fukushima report (2017.03.06).mp4_snapshot_01.09_[2017.03.09_17.44.27].jpg
I'm totally not trying to convince you with this screencap

I also subbed it in French if there are some people interested. See the post if you're interested in subbing it your language.

You can get it here at my journal.
Tags: tv: news zero, video (subtitled - english), video (subtitled - other language)

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