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"Laplace no Majou" movie announced, starring Sho

Official site

A movie adaptation of the novel "Laplace no Majou" (Laplace's Witch) by Higashino Keigo has been announced for 2018.

Sho will play the role of Aoe Shusuke, the main character. Other cast members are Hirose Suzu (who at the end of this year will also star in the movie "Sensei!" with Toma) and Fukushi Souta.

The movie is directed by Miike Takashi, who already directed the Yatterman movie.

Fun fact: this is the 19th movie adaptation of a work by Higashino Keigo (one was a French movie starring David Duchovny, and two were South Korean productions), one of which was Platina Data in 2013, which had Nino as the lead actor, and another one that will be released later this year is Namiya Zakkaten starring Yamada Ryousuke from Hey! Say! JUMP.

And here's a very fluffy Sho:
[2017.03.20] Asadesu (Laplace no Majou movie).mp4_snapshot_00.36_[2017.03.20_23.22.33].jpg
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