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here is the translationg form myojo dec....aiba chan, nino and leader. They are all so sweet about their fans in taiwan...i wish i could go and see them live but they will never come to uk.....(>_<).....im going to japan soon tho so fingers crossed!!

Myojo December 2006

Masaki Aiba

‘Thank you to the all the Japanese fans who helped build a great atmosphere’

The fans in Taiwan are so energetic! Also I think that the Japanese fans helped teach them the dance moves parts which could be done together. I really felt like they helped build the energy in the concert. I thought I was gonna cry when I saw this. I had no idea how the audience would respond before the concert started. Also there is the whole problem with language. During the MC section we had a translator but there was always a pause between sentences so it was hard to have a normal conversation. (to be exact aiba chan described a conversation as a throwing and reciving of words…catchball…) I hope the audience will understand. I learnt my final greeting in the plane to Taiwan. I was so worried cos we speak in the second half of the concert so if I put too much into the first half of the con I might forget it!?!?...so I worked really really hard! But it is really easy to see whether the auidience understand my Chinese or not (laughs). Cos when they understand they react really well but when they don’t understand they look at me like ‘huh?’. Even so Im so happy that we can do a concert abroad. Last time I went to Taiwan I went to walk in the street and was looking for restaurants that looked good, but this time when all 5 of us went we couldn7t walk in the street. The only time was when I went to a massage place with sho chan 8he actually called him sho chan!). I’m all refreshed cos they did form my hands to my toes~★!I have loads of stamps in my passport now cos I’ve been traveling in a plane since July! I might start collecting miles as well. But ive thrown away all my ticket stubs….OH CRAP!


Satoshi Ohno

‘A exciting feeling similar to our first concert’

I felt really nervous and excited just before the real live. That feeling was a little different to any normal concert. It was like our first concert. I didn’t really feel unsure about it. I think it was the fact that I didn’t know how the audience would react to us and that it was our first concert abroad that it was similar to our first concert. The song list for the concert was made up of a lot of our released singles so in rehersals we re-learnt the dance steps for them which brought back so many memories. For my solo song I wanted to perform the one I performed in last years concert but it was too similar to one of the songs we were gonna perform so I decided to perform a my solo from 2 years ago. I was so surprised to see that Ohmiya SK was so popular in Taiwan too (laughs). The fans in Taiwan were so warm hearted. We were able to communicate with them even when we spoke Japanese in the MC. I found greeting in Chinese so difficult. Once I remembered it I forgot it so quickly. Its so easy to forget cos we do our greetings at the ned of the concert. I was meant to say something along the lines of ‘thank you for waiting until now’. But when it came to it I was like ‘ OH CRAP!’ (laughs). In the audience there were Japanese fans mixed with the Taiwanese ones. For some of the Japanese fans I was like ‘oh my god ive seen her before!’ so it didn’t really feel like ‘welcome to a different country!’ Because they know who I am over there and its only like a 3 hour plane flight, and all the sign in the town are all in kanji (laughs). It felt a bit like I was in a weird version of Japan. I kinda felt like Korea was more energetic. It was amazing at the airport! Im really looking forward to the Korea concert too!!


Kazunari Ninomiya

‘I enjoyed it as if I was performing at home, not away’

Taiwan….Was Very powerful and energetic (nino actually wrote in english!! He must of learnt it during letter.s….). It didn’t really feel like we were away. Kinda felt like home. Maybe it was because it was an arashi concert. Also I did a lot of reminiscing. We sang ‘sunrise nippon’ again since a long time. And I was really able to enjoy the concert. I kinda heard that fans in Asia wanted us to perform over there, but I was kinda worrie dif they actually knew who we were. But it was FUN! Everyone got really into it. I felt like I wanted to do more. Well, if everyone comes to watch us (laughs). But the only huge happening that happened personally was that I didn’t sweat at all (wtf nino??what the hell were you doing??) and I wasn’t at all tired.(nino you were actually performing with everyone else right??). but then I looked at the other members and , like, aiba chan was sweating like crazy. I was like ‘huh??’ and I thought maybe it looked like I wasn’t giving my all. (laughs). But it was only one performance per day. I think I built up stamina from the summer when we did 3 shows in a day. …….saying that maybe I was using up energy? I was always sleepy. Apart for the times we were with our fans in the concert I was always sleepy. I don’t really remember doing much except for writing in the johnny’s web, Game Diary…..saying that I havnt really tried remembering what we did. I feel like if I look back at it all the tiredness will come flooding back (laughs). But we still have the korea concert in november. Its not finished yet! So for now I just wanna remember how fun it all was and I will think about the rest later.


they really love their fans , you can tell!!! ♪♪

i should be posting up sho kun and jun really soon on my lj...the articles are much shorter in myojo than wink up ....but i have just got hold of scans of duet mag so if people would like i will translate....

n e ways tell me what you think..........

speak to ya'll soon!!

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