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sorry, i knwo its been a while since i last posted but i have started translating duet dec 2006. so far leader, jun and aiba are done so

Duet articles are very very short so the others will be done in no time!!\(^O^)/

ne way this issue there is a lot of ohno being cute and ditsy as normal and not knowing what country he is in lol!!!!
matsujun beig very deep and thoughtful
and aiba chan in SHOCK!!!

Duet 2006 December

Satoshi Ohno
Taiwan was a weird experience. It felt close to being in japan cos we are known over there too and the people over there look similar to Japanese people. In korea we couldn’t read the writing so it felt like we were in a different country. We couldn’t read any of the buttons on the TV remote control so we tried pressing allt he buttons (laughs). Also, the town was much nicer than I expected. And the roads were so wide. When we did the press conference over there, there were so many top asian artists and I was like ‘why am I here?’ (laughs). The energy of the fans in Korea was amazing.

My last day off was so much fun. I stayed at my friends house and I was making a chair. And we ate cucumbers all day (laughs). They were so good! and we only put mayonnaise on the cucumbers. And we also ate tomatoes. Simple things like that taste good. And I completed making my chair too!.


Masaki Aiba
I was in shock the other day cos we were meant to be in a baseball match with people from our management but it was cancelled due to rain. Its been three months since I last played baseball. We didn’t play anything instead, because of the shock (laughs). Although we having planned another day to do it, I think it would be nice if we could all meet up again. I don’t know when that will be though. And recently I went to a live hosue to watch my friends band play live. I was kinda refreshed. It was the first time I went to see this friend live and it was really fun. It felt like I got power from them. But it was a shame I couldn’t go out for dinner with them afterwards cos I had no time.

Im going to Africa for a ro-ke(see previous post for meaning) for tensai shimura douburtsuen,. It’s the second time im going to Africa and cos there is not much pollution the stars are so beautiful. Stars you cant see in Tokyo you can see there. I don’t really know anything in depth though (laughs). I want to buy a star guide book ( of constellations) and compare it to the sky.


Jun Matsumoto
I went to a sushi restaurant 3 days in a row. I made different people take me each time. I’m friendly with the people at the restaurant. Its such a good restaurant but going 3 days in a row…gets boring (laughs). I know…..I’m indulging myself. That’s how ive been spending my time.

Up until the event we were doing in Thailand got cancelled, we have been working mainly focusing on our asia tour …but….it unfortunately got cancelled. Although it was a real shame we couldn’t go, the continuing sense of pressure was sort of relieved and to be honest I felt like I could breathe. I had time to spend alone quietly or with my family and I had time to really think things over. I don’t know how everyone sees this from the outside but for us, being able to go abroad was such a huge deal for us. So I was able to think about that too in the time that was created.


did we all enjoy that??
umm..well i have nothing to translate after this so keep requests coming...i just downloaded latest shukudai kun..i dont know if n e one watches that though so dunno if i shud translate.. well..message me and i will see what people want done.

and myojo dec 2006 has been posted up on my lj now so for those who havnt read that yet

sho and nino will follow very very shortly on my lj so keep checking.

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