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Translation dump... thing

It's been awhile since I last posted here with translations, hasn't it? XD

Here's a list with links to all the translations I've done since September. I've also just finished translating Nino's interview in Roadshow 2007 01, and the link to the translation is included at the bottom of the list.

I won't be posting here for another long while though, so if you'd like to read new translations as they come, you're more than welcome to friend say_it_again!


[ Arashigoto - 10,000 Word Interviews ]

Aiba: [ Part VII ]

Note: Links to previous parts can be found in the post.

[ ARASHI First Concert 2006 in Taipei tour pamphlet ]

+ Aiba Masaki
+ Matsumoto Jun
+ Ninomiya Kazunari

[ Other Stuff ]

[ Taiwan Yahoo! News - 2006/09/16 ]
[ The Television Monthly - Gekkan Arashi No. 061 (Aiba, Nino) ]
[ anan - Cross talk (Nino x Pi) - 10/2006 ]
[ Vanilla Kibun - 2006 11 11 - Nakamura Shichinosuke talk ]
[ Roadshow - 01/2007 - Ninomiya Kazunari ]

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