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Destiny ♪

New single, "Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~" announced.

Arashi's 53th single has been announced! The title will be Doors~勇気の軌跡~ (Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~) and it will be released on November 8th in three versions, one regular and two limited. The title track will be used as theme for Sho's upcoming drama.

The regular version will have a CD with eight tracks (four songs and their karaoke version.)

The limited version A will include a CD with three tracks (two songs and one karaoke) and a DVD with the Doors PV + making.

The limited version B will include a CD with two tracks and a DVD with PV + making of the non-Doors song.

Source: J-storm, Johnny's net (English version).
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