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Translations VS Arashi, various clips etc + Streaming Links

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've crossposted, but mostly because I've been ridiculously busy at work haha. I'm not completely caught up on everything I wanted to translate, but thought I'd just throw everything I've done at you guys these past months so you can enjoy the love that is Arashi :D

TOKIO KAKERU 2017.10.04 - Jun [1280x720 x264].mp4_snapshot_08.08_[2017.10.14_00.26.03].jpg

F-locked in a week or so
2017.09.14 VS Arashi [Opening Talk][Kicking Sniper]
2017.09.21 VS Arashi [Select Parts]
2017.09.30 Mezamashi TV Narratage [Jun]
2017.10.04 TOKIO Kakeru (Jun Cut) [Part 1]
2017.10.09 Cast Interview Narratage [Kasumi and Jun]
2017.10.12 VS Arashi  [Part 1][Part 2] (Quiz: Matsumoto Jun)

PON Week Day
One | Two | Three | Four
F-locked, join nyoop to access
VS Arashi
2017.09.07 [Opening Talk][Beta-Arashi]
2017.08.24 [Select Parts]
2017.08.17 [Pinball Runner][Cliff Climb]
2017.08.10 [Select Parts]
2017.08.03 [Balloon Shooting]
2017.07.27 [Episode Summary]
Streaming Links, join nyoop to access
VS Arashi                  2017
Arashi Ni Shiyagare  2017
Arashi clips 2017      August | September | October
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