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Letters From Iwo Jima : Predictions & Reviews

I think a lot of you might have already heard/read about this (sorry flist, you guys have to read my post over & over again ^^;;;)

Prediction of Nino getting an Oscar nomination by some industry blogger:

"An idea most seem to be passing over in all of this is that maybe “Letters from Iwo Jima” is the latter season surprise in and of itself – a film that can STORM in with its big ideas, emotional resonance and intimate brushstrokes to steal the thunder of all pretenders."

".....Newcomer Kazunari Ninomiya feels like just the sort to stake a last minute claim with his portrayal of Saigo, the apparent fulcrum of the film’s cast."

the latest update predicting Letters for Best Picture :

Reviews from IMDB board members:

by thetall ne

"Just saw the movie and thought it was very good. It was just shy of being a classic, but it is a very good war film, great drama, and one of the best cross-cultural films I've ever seen.

Clint Eastwood and Ken Watanabe did a Q&A. What can I say? They are both amazing!

I think this is infinitely better than Flags and it will probably get a bunch of nominations, but I'd be really surprised if it won lots of Oscars like Unforgiven or Million Dollar Baby.

I highly recommend it. Whether you saw Flags or not, you should see this. It's great!"

by jiweat

"Just saw the film. It is fantastic, and could not have been more balanced. Every time I thought they showed one aspect which seemed to show someone in a bad light, there was another scene which showed a balanced side. There were great pains taken to do the research and make it as accurate as possible. At the same time, the film really points out the futility of war, and that is the main focus. It is a great testament to the Japanese people, showing them to be heroic and honorable. Yes, in some cases characters took it to the extreme, and others could be seen as cowards (at least at the time, not so much by today's standards), but overall it's a phenomenal achievment for which the Japanese people should be proud. I'm hearing rumors that it may wind up being the biggest grossing movie ever in Japan, since no one has really even told their story before. "

"haha - I was at the screening too. I loved it, and I agree it's way better than Flags (which I also liked). I thought Ken was great, but I thought the real star was the actor who played Saigo. He had everyone's heart from the minute he came on the screen."

"all sides are portrayed in an extremely balanced way. Everything is as accurate and honest as possible. The real message is the futility of war, and no side is made to seem right or wrong"

"I really felt Kazunari Ninomiya was the heart and soul of the film. If anyone were to get nominated, I would hope it would be him"
so.. do you guys think he'll have a chance?
we really have to share him with the world then...

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