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Ohno One Shot Fan Fic

Oh-chan fanfic (based on a true story)

Alright, so this fic is written specially for A-chan. It is based on her true experience while meeting Arashi, especially Oh-chan (her all-time idol, mine too). Credit goes to her for all the details provided from her point of view. I just wrote this fic into Oh-chan’s point of view instead.
Seriously, I know A-chan’s not lying. Oh-chan really does remember her. He mentioned his encounter with A-chan during the October Wink Up 2006 interview. Credit goes to
 for translating it.
Just wanted to share it… to all Arashi fans, ganbarimasho!



I saw her.

I swear I did.

I saw her.

It wasn’t quite possible, but I did.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I had to.

I saw her. The exact same girl I saw in nearly every one of our concerts.

She was here, again.


Arashi, Arasic, Arasick, Arashic… Arashit. Oops.

   15th September 2006. It’s a Friday, I know that. Yeap, heading towards Taiwan ne, Arashic Tour concert coming up. Aww…

   “Oh-chan!” Nino called out to me, “stop yawning like that!” as he turned towards the plane window, “ahh~~~ we’ve reached!”

   Like how? I wondered. I couldn’t help it, I was really really sleepy. Rushing around for concerts and performances, honestly, who wouldn’t be? I re-tied my shoelaces of my white sneakers, to make sure I don’t trip over myself when I’m in the airport. Hey, anything can happen. Ah, here’s a secret - both my socks don’t match. Shh….

   “Com’on,” Sho-kun gave me a pat on the back (a little too hard, I would say. I bet he left a palm mark on my back), “we’re landing, pull yourself together, will ya? There’ll be lots of people waiting at the airport for us…” Thanks to him, I had to tie my shoelaces again.

   “Sou ne~” Matsujun (this little brat) said, standing up from his seat as out plane stopped at last, “ikuzo!” he seemed excited.

   “Taiwan, here we come!” seems like genki Aiba-chan is as genki as ever.

   Me? I’m still sleepy. Really, spare me.


Fans screaming, as usual. They were blocked, as usual.

   To tell the truth, I still remember the time when Arashi wasn’t as well-known as today (not that I wanted to boast or anything), no one knew us ne~ when I recall those days, nanka samishi yo… Demo, things change as time passes, I have to agree. I mean, com’on! Look at this; we’ve got fans, people! We’ve got fans! Ah, look there, I see some people shouting Aiba-chan’s name. This kiddo’s popular, isn’t he? Haha…

   Pardon me, but I’ve wanted to do this all day. Just a moment… *shows peace sign, flashing a big smile* Ah~ that feels good. But, I still feel kinda sleepy… I adjusted my position to prevent my bag from slipping down, and… yeah, I had to continue walking.

   I looked at my watch casually, 12.05? Is it really 5 minutes past noon? But the long hand seem to be slightly further from ‘1’… ah, who cares? No one knows that I don’t really know how to read a clock. Nah, just kidding.

   We walked into the airport. Yay, ask me the name of the airport… ask me! I have the best answer ever in the world, or you’re really asking? Are you ready to hear it? The answer is, I DON’T KNOW. Hahahahaha… okay okay, sumimasen deshita.

   You know, usually we enter an airport last ne. We’re usually the last in line, right behind all the staffs and crews, when they’re done clearing the way. But this time, I don’t know (yeah, that’s the same answer you usually get from me. Allow me to assure you, it’s not my fault!), we were one of the very first to enter the airport. However, there’s one thing I know (feeling quite proud), we came out through Gate 9. What do you mean ‘no big deal’?! if it weren’t for Gate 9, I wouldn’t even be in Taiwan! Don’t you think you should compliment me or something? Hmmm?

   I tried to hide my yawn. I think I succeeded. My group members are all walking ahead of me, so let them be. Matsujun was leading the way (I know he likes to), Aiba-chan and Sho-kun was next in line. Right in front of me, is none other than the ever-so-cute Nino. I dragged myself to keep up with them, it’s getting quite challenging to do so I think. Man, they never get tired, do they?

   We got up an escalator, finally I get to stop walking yet continue moving. The escalator’s a great invention don’t you think? No? Well I hell think it’s a great invention (no matter what you say)!

   My head felt really heavy. I feel like dozing off halfway walking, I really do. But if I really did that, my manager will never forgive me, neither will any of the boys. Hold it, maybe Nino will ne… and Matsujun. Chotto, maybe Sho-kun will forgive me too… Aiba-chan wouldn’t mind, I’m sure… Argh! Of course the boys won’t mind! But talk about our manager… *turns around and pretends nothing happened* la la la…

   We continued to walk through the airport. I saw a girl standing in front of the toilet. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about anything else right now, but what’s the girl doing there? She looks like she’s been nailed to the floor or something. Is she okay? Worst still, a déjà vu hit me. Her long straight hair, her big round eyes... I feel like walking up to her and ask, “Have we met?”

   Of course I didn’t do anything stupid (as I usually did), I just continued walking past her casually, though there’re really lots of questions marks popping up my mind. I wonder if the boys feel the same.


   I heard it, she called me! That girl who was nailed to the floor, she called me! Of all the boys, me!! Wow, I feel like a God, honestly. Look! She can move now, and she’s walking towards me! I pulled off the nail that got her stuck to the floor! Am I a tenshi or what? I feel so good that I turned almost immediately to give her a smile as I waved to her. Excuse me, I’m not in the mood to flash my BIG BIG BIG smile now, but I
do feel less sleepy than when I first got down the plane. In fact, I feel like jumping.

   “Ohno-kun, moratte kudasai,” she came closer to me, trying to be as polite as possible. Hai! Eh…? What’s that thing in her hands? It looks like a book… what book is it? I couldn’t see really clearly, but it has Thai words on it. This girl is from Thailand?! Curiosity rose within me as I reached out my hand for the book the girl handed to me. 2 more inches to go! 2 more inches then I get see what’s inside this omoshiroi-looking book…

   Matte te, then it hit me. I felt my manager’s glare right beside me; he’ll swallow me up any moment now. I turned to him, putting on my cutest facial expression, “can I have it?” I even considered flicking my eyelids, but thank God I didn’t do it till that extend. I want that book~ it looks really interesting, and not to mention ARTISTIC! “Please, can I have it?” I asked again, “onegaishimasu,” begging, actually.

   My heart sank, I even had to squat down a little to pick it back up. He refused!!! My manager refused~! Stupid Johnny’s rules!! I want that book so badly….!!! Hey~!! I want that~~ *takes a deep breath*. I mustn’t lose control here…

   “Gomen nasai~” I turned to the girl and bowed a traditional Japanese apology bow; I’m apologizing sincerely with all my might. I was really sorry… she must’ve used up lots of time and energy to make the book for me, she must have. I really wanted to show my appreciation, but was sorry I couldn’t. My little self was banging around in my head, “stupid JE rules!!!”

   “Wakarimashita,” I heard her say, “daijyoubu.” Wow, she knows Japanese… (right, maybe everyone knows these Japanese phrases, but it doesn’t matter) I saw her effort. “Arigatou gozaimasu,” she thanked me instead. What should I say? I don’t know. She even returned my bow. I can’t exactly describe what I was feeling, I just can’t… ah~ I don’t know. I guess the most I can do is to continue smiling to her as I waved to her. I hope she knows how much I appreciated her…

   Sho-kun pulled out his video camera, filming everything possible. Yeah, of course he has to film me (I know he did it only for courtesy sake, nah~) cause Nino’s right in front of me. Hmm, makes me wonder, maybe he wants to film the manager too? Zen zen wakaranai~ Sho-kun had his famous smile hung on his face all the time, but he gave a hearty laugh suddenly as he filmed around; precisely when he filmed me and Nino.

   He shouldn’t be laughing at me, or Nino. We weren’t doing anything stupid. Ah, I think… wait… I turned around, and sure enough, I saw two fans right behind me. One of them is smiling stupidly at Sho-kun (ah~ so that’s why Sho-kun laughed, kono yaro…), and her friend… hey, she was the one who tried to give me the book… talking about the book… to the hell with it, I want it so badly! I gave the two girls a smile and continued to head towards the immigration gate with the rest. Yo people, we’re at the VIP immigration queue! How’s that sound, huh? Yeah, we’re ALWAYS in the VIP queue, so I guess… yeah, it’s nothing to cheer about.

   We waited for the elevator as we’re going the first floor. “Why can’t you use the stairs?” you might ask. Hello~ just in case you haven’t noticed, I am so damn tired! It’ll kill me even if it’s only a few steps of stairs. Besides, the stairs are kinda dangerous… especially in a busy place like this airport, which I know not the name (haha!). I mean, what if fans come up to us and we’re stuck in between? What if one of us got hurt? What if I trip and fall? Yeah, I’d most probably trip and fall.

   Nino walked beside me on the left. My head still felt heavy but I had to make sure I go the right way (towards the front, instead of heading towards the floor) so I actually looked at the floor all the way. *Yawn* Nino’s turning really talkative now ne… he kept talking and talking and talking… well, some of the things he said are rather interesting actually. But forgive me, I’m not in the mood… I nodded lightly to show that I was listening. I was, really.

   This kid, Nino, he giggled all of a sudden. Happens all the time, perhaps he’s planning a prank again?! He touched my arm and motioned for me to look to my right. So I did, I had to. To my surprise, it was her, again! The girl who had the book, I remember her! And I was looking right into her eyes, such beautiful eyes.

   “Ohno-kun, ganbatte kudasai~” she gave me this. It was more than enough. Though she seemed really shocked and nervous while she said this, I knew she was sincere. I smiled to her (I was feeling really really touched). What a fan I’ve got! She followed us all the way, Nino must’ve noticed too. No wonder he laughed.

   So we moved out of the arrival gate. There were lots (now I mean LOTS) of press, camera man, TV station reporters… as always. Yoshi! I should be more alert now, don’t wanna leave a blur impression (though I already had). Camera, camera… let me show you my bright and shiny smile… peace!

   Hey, Nino, you little brat… hahahaha… we had fun fooling around. It’s always fun when Nino’s around. You’d never know what weird surprises and funny things he’d say. I like him. Yeah, everyone knows it. We’re Ohmiya SK!! Yay!!

   Bye bye, Arashi fans in Taiwan! Thanks for coming to meet us!! I waved to them with all my might. What a great way to start a day… ne?


   “Ah~” I gave a groan as I came out of the bathroom. That was great, the concert, everything went well. Our fans were getting real high, well not only them, we ourselves too. Heh…

   That girl, I remember her. I think I really do…

   Sitting at the corner of my bed in the hotel, everything that happened today flashed through my mind. I do remember that girl! I gave her a towel before…

   She was there! In Osaka! She was in Osaka, and now she’s in Taiwan! Wow… how do I put it? Just… whoa… she went to our Osaka concerts, all three of them! I saw her, I swear. I saw her in all three of our Osaka concerts in one day!

   We got on our private jet, heading for our Asia Tour press conference. Thailand was our first stop after our Osaka concerts and had the press conference in the Airport Hotel at around 7 in the morning. It was the last day of July I remember (how many days does July have? Hehehe… wasureta na~)

   The Arashi bus was already waiting for us outside the hotel when the conference ended. I got on the bus with the rest and looked out the window casually. I can see my own reflection on the window and I swear my eyes went as big as a saucer. Guess what? I saw her. I was really surprised. This girl, she was in Osaka, and the next moment, she’s here instead! She knows magic huh? Without realising it, I was pointing at her from where I am, laughing with astonishment. She smiled back. Kanojyo wa… hontou ni…

   Sure enough, she came to our Taiwan concert. She was right in the first row, she acts real fast I must say. I tried to walk to her when we were on-stage as frequent as possible. I even held out my hand to give her a handshake, but too bad, her seat’s kinda far from the stage (no surprise there). “Arigatou” was all I was able to say, besides flashing my bright smile and giving her lots of peace signs. Alright, I admit it, I gave her a kiss sign too. But seriously, it meant nothing more than my appreciation.

   I feel great. She was my fan, MY fan (woo-hoo)! She managed to catch us ne, that was fast! I remember saying ‘kob kun krab’ to all the Thai fans during our concert, to her especially, I really really wanted her to know how much I appreciated her effort. Many faces went by my mind… I saw many familiar fans’ faces. They came all the way to support us. Not only once, but they try to come to every one of our concerts. They showed up at the airport to greet us too… kandoshimashita!!

   Yoshi! With so many fans out there supporting us with all their might, how can we let them down? Right, we’re gonna do our best, I’m sure we all will!


Wink Up Oct 06
Ohno Satoshi’s Interview

After we finished the Osaka concerts, we launched straight into our Asia campaign, right? So, what I thought was fantastic was that on the second day of the Osaka concerts, the one where we did three shows in one day, there are this Thai fan that was at that concert.  She was my fan. I think she probably watched three shows.
After that, we went to Haneda and got on the chartered plane to Asia right? So after the press conference in Thailand and we were on the bus to the airport, there was that same fan who was watching the concert in the first show in Osaka running along with the bus. She was there!  That girl who watched us in Osaka.  I just happened to catch sight of her. I thought “wow! That is fast!” (laughs)  How did that happen?  Did she probably catch the last flight out of Kansai airport?  I was sure that girl was in Osaka! But when I looked out of the bus in Thailand, she was there. I was really surprised.  As expected it was really strange.

All along, our activities have been limited to Japan, but we suddenly realized that we were well known outside Japan.  We cannot believe it, but really, we were very surprised to see that type of reception we got.  I was very happy.  It was really fantastic.  The Asia tour is going to start and I will do my utmost best.  The tour in Japan finished in August.  I was very satisfied at how the Japanese tour turned out.  For me, the most enjoyable part of the tour is being able to communicate with the fans.
Through the waving of hands and reading what is written on the uchiwas, every time I will try my best to do it.  I get great happiness from doing that.  Just seeing how the audience reacts and their demeanour is good enough for me.  Recently I have been thinking that. After every show, I will go happily, “Yosh! This time, I really communicated with the audience!”

When I am performing and dancing during all that time, I am looking at the audience. When I am dancing and fans give me the Peace sign, in the middle of the choreography I will give them the peace sign back and it changes the choreography of the song.  (laughs)  I keep on looking and I can remember everyone’s face. Those fans that come regularly to our shows, when I see them I can remember them and I think to myself “Ah that girl, she was here the other time too!” or “last year, she came to the concert. This year she has come again!”   For the new faces, I go “Hey, this person has never come before.”

I know if a fan has come many times, till the very last day of the tour, I have communicating with the audience.  As expected, that is the happiest part of the concert.  That is the thing I like best about concerts. I hope I will be able to communicate with the audience during the Asia tour like what I did in Japan too.  Although I might not know how to speak the local language, we can communicate through our feelings.  So I will try my best.

Sou ne - (in agreement)
ikuzo - let's go
genki - active
nanka samishi yo - it's kinda lonely
sumimasen deshita - excuse me
chotto - wait
tenshi - angel
moratte kudasai - please receive this (something like that)
omoshiroi - interesting
matte - hold it
onegaishimasu - please
gomen nasai - sorry
wakarimashita - i understand
daijyoubu - it's okay
arigatou gozaimasu - thank you
zen zen wakaranai - i don't know why, totally
kono yaro - this brat
ganbatte kudasai - please keep it up
kanojyo wa, hontou ni - that girl, she really is...
kob kun krab - [thai] thank you
kandoshimashita - i'm touched

Right, so perhaps this is just another stupid little fic I wrote (to show my love for Oh-chan), but I really want him to be the guy I wrote about, ever so sensitive and kind. I will work on another version of this fic from A-chan’s point of view. I got her permission so I’ll start any minute now. She might be a simple fan girl just like any of us, but I really do appreciate her effort to fulfil her dreams. And it sure did came true, didn’t it?


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