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[sell] CxDxG no Arashi Vol. 2 (for Thailand and Sydney Australia)

Hi! Hi! Just my sisters in Thailand has an extra copy of CxDxG no Arashi Vol. 2 to sell.

My sisters are in Thailand (can be deliveried everywhere through post mail system), and I am now in Sydney, Australia (sorry, only meet up in the city or UNSW), so these are only 2 places that you can buy from us. If you are interested or have any question, please e-mail me at for price.

Moreover, we also take order for CD and DVD from Japan. You also can e-mail us code of product (we mainly check from CDJapan, HMV Japan and Amazon Japan) to quote for price in Thai Baht or Australia Dollars. Actually, we do have website, but it is still under construction. I will come back and post URL later when it's done then.

PS. Thanks for the place to advertise...^^...

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