blackblood0688 (blackblood0688) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi pics spam!

Okay! Sooo...this pic spam is gonna be all about the Arashi boys. Enjoy! I know that most of these pics have been spamed already, so bare with me please! WAHH!! into the picture and starts making out and ripping Nino's shirt more. Isn't this a cute pic? Sho's smile is cute!! They're all smiles!! Aiba's so cute when he smiles. This pic is all moody. Jun and Sho's faces are like "come and get me b!tch..." LOLZ XD XD Nino's like, "this is my new kung-fu move you guys." Aiba's like, "wtf Nino?" 'Is it a bird?' thinks Aiba, 'Is it a plane?' thinks Sho, both Ohno and Nino are like whatcha looking at?!. LOLZZ...dorky faces... Get to know Arashi... jumps into that picture and starts raping them. *heart stops from Arashi's smexiness* Wink Up 1-2007 Wink Up 1-2007 Wink Up 1-2007 Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! ^_^ Comment if you want to take them.

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