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WU JAN2006

firstly, HAPPY BDAY AIBA CHAN!!!! 24 on the 24th!!! have a good day!! *hugs*>^_^<

i just came back from watching Flags of our Fathers.....to be honest....really....it wasnt THAT great...i dunno, i felt like i couldnt really connect with the characters cos they werent really introduced properly or anyhting. and it was just very confusing....BUT...the shots were AMAZING and the acting was good....and ....i think i saw nino...very very briefly but im pretty sure it was him!!!!!has anyone else seen it....what do you guys think...Letters isnt coming out in london untill jan....(×_×)

anyway i come bearing an early xmas pressie for everyone!! trans for Jan WU
and i did ALL of arashi! so ENJOY and MERRY XMAS, CHANNUKAH , whatever you celebrate , enjoy your day!!

JUN MATSUMOTO-Look back on this year??... I can’t (laughs).I’m the type of person who doesn’t look back on the past(laughs). So I’m gonna talk about things htat have been happening recently. I started filming for Hana yori dango, doing rehersals for Korea con…that sort of thing. Oh yeh yeh, tomorrow we are playing soccer. With all of arashi. Personally I don’t really wanna do it but.. it seems like its happening anyway (laughs). That’s sort of it. December…..oh! by the time this wink up is published, ill be in new york. Filming for Hana yori Dango (laughs). The first episode is 2 hours and 15 mins special and so I will be going for the filming of that.
Saying that, its crazy. The script is so long. I was like… What sort of story is it?! 8laughs). When filming for hanadan started, it was so fun as I thought it would be. Before I started I saw everyone at the meeting. It felt like I had come back home because members of staff havnt changed either. What is like to play domyouji after 1 year? Really nervous (laughs). Also the place that I went to for my very first shoot was this really small suburb area. So we were all really squashed when it all started. I thought everyone would be really hyper and energetic seeing as it was the first day of filming but it was more like ‘please could everyone keep things down’ …(laughs). It was so bland..(laughs).
Its been a year since the last series and I have really changed in the past year. How to summarise the year…actually its more like my first aim. I find it really easy to fit in back with the atmosphere of hanadan so I can go back to it straight away. And when im readint the script, I can think ‘ill act this part like this’ straight away. But its not just that. There are obviously changes in the past year and many changes in caharacter. How has domyouji changes in the past year? //I think the greatest change is…..english..hes fluent in English..im screwed…I have to work hard (laughs). Right now, ( for our concert) Im learning Korean and English.
I have no other choice do i…lets look back at the year(laughs). This year was packed!! Whatever we say…I did so much work! In January…What was I doing? OH! I went to Hawaii in the new year (laughs).That was the only holiday I had this year cos im a regular in a tv show so I had the filming for that. Then February to March I was filming for ‘ yo ni mo kimyou na monogatari’. As soon as that finished I started for ‘boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru (Boku imo)’ and then as soon as the film finished I had the butai script to learn. Then rehersals and the actual show. And as I was doing the butai, filming for ‘kiroi Namida’ started…and as soon as that ended we had rehersals for our summer tour. When I realized , it was mid summer (laughs) in August the tour finished and 2 days after that we had rehersals for the Taiwan con. Then Korean con rehersals then we were on stage soon after. And…it was like…it went so quickly.
When I look back at it now….Although each piece of work took time, we did so many concerts unlike before.. and I did a movie and a dorama and a butai. Personally I prefer to be working this much so it was fun. And im sure there will be the Johnnys countdown concert so…at the end of it all ill be returning as a johnny’s. At the end of it all ill be finishing as an Idol (laughs) right? I do many things in many different places but when I end the year in Tokyo dome I think to myself ‘I must be an idol….’ And my year ends as an idol. And then after that I will sleep a little and when the new year starts, there are plans for the new year con rehersal. It was a really good year.

SHO SAKURAI-When I go to Korea for the con, Im thinking of filming for ‘NEWS ZERO’. But by the time this is published, the results of it will be out. Aparantly in Korea there are these two sisters who are arashi fan girls who have started to learn Japanese because of arashi and int eh future they want to use their Japanese in their work too. Im planning to interview then and their parents who will be coming to the con too and I wanna ask them their opinions on their daughters learning Japanese and supporting arashi. Also I wanna go to the 38th degree line/point (?????) and sing someone who is the same age as me and maybe go for a meal with him/her and have a discussion. It will be like an international version of ichimen. Ill work hard at it!
If I were to talk about this year, at the beginning it started with my solo con and then in October I started as a news reporter… it was an eventful year.
For me, this year wasn’t really from januray to December…about from autumn last year…..october till October of this year really felt like a year. About this time last year, filming for ‘hachi Clover’ started and then it was like the ‘seeds that were sown’ last year were revealed this summer right? But this year….in the beginning, I was filming for ‘kisarazu’ while I had my solo con and rehersals for ‘ Beautiful game’. And that’kisarazu’ is being shown about now. Right? And then the film with all of arashi will be shown next year. So I kinda find it hard to cut off ‘this year7 as a year. I don’t know how to say it. Its all kinda connected. My last piece of work didn’t really feel like the end of a year but something that connectes this year and next year.. (sho chan…what are you talking about…firt nino and now sho chan is started to blabber on like oh chan…lol..spread the oh chan love I guess..it cant be a bad thing right?!?)
Between all this though, the members of ‘THE SHOW’ met up for a drink. The dancers and athe band members all met up for the first time in a while. We put on the music that we had from back then and we were all drinking. And also I went for drinks with people form ‘Beautiful game’ too. Tsukamoto –kun’s (I thin from kisarazu) ‘Boy from Oz’ butai’s ensemble included some people from ‘beautiful ~’ so I think it was about 10 of us..met up. We all met at the place we always used to meet near the Theatre in Aoyama…and we had a meal…and stuff? Coincidentally, recently I have had the chance to meet up with peple form back then. When I think that I met all these people in 2006, it makes me think about how many people I have met this year. It was a really fun year..
With that..I also wet to loads of different places. Locally, the summer tour and ‘kenminsei..’(I think its that programme that takes sho chan to different places to see how different peoples way of life is in different places….i haven’t seen it before so I wouldn’t know… ) filming allowed me to go to different places…oh yeh!
There is a ken min sei special part 3! They came to me again and asked me to do it so I will be going for a roke soon!! Watch this space.
And then there is the Asia Tour. Last year when I went abroad, I had people come up to me saying ‘ we are supporting you!’ but I couldn’t imagine what it would be like until I actually got there. What can I say? For me , it felt like there was only a small core group of people who really knew about us. But then all those fans came to see us in korea and Taiwan. It really felt like we have come into the world. I really felt that when we first went up on stage. Yeh..so I really felt like it was the perfect year. I love it when im busy. (laughs). Which is it? Bonito? (the fish)..no its tuna?? You know the one that dies if it stops swimming (laughs). Its tuna right. Yeh..me, im a tuna(laughs)

SATOSHI OHNO-Right now, the butai ‘tenseikunpu’ rehersals. Oh my gawd..form all the pu’s that I have done this is the hardest. I get really tired and worn out. I wonder how it will all turn out… I dunno (laughs). At this point in time, the script hasn’t actually been written in full. There is one scene that we have and the rehersals are generally based around that. The fight scenes? Even though we are rehersing i reckon everything will change with the fights. I don’t know how much there will be but I think it is the most I have ever done.
This time, the character….its not difficult but he is a really energetic character so I get tired in a bit of a weird way. (laughs). it’s a character that time slips. Out of no where this guy goes back in time so he is always like ‘What the hel!?!?’ and I have to keep thinking that way cos that is the character. But it seems like a lot of fun. I think the audience will be able to see things form his perspective. For example..i go back into the Edo times and even if the character comes back to the present, history would have had to have changed a little and so he will know ‘oh..its my fault that it changed’. And then maybe he will have to go back to change it to how it was so it’s a really character/personality that always has a question mark next to it, like ‘Huh??....WHAt the hell?!?!?’
So this pu play I think is gonna be really hard work. And this whole kun fu thing. There is this coat I have to wear for the time slipping and on the sleeve there are buttons that have ‘kun fu mode’ and ‘ dance mode’ on it. Just so that the character can cope in whatever situation it is. When the button is pressed the body naturally moves in that way. So I have to move in a way as if it is not the characters natural moves and its being controlled by the jacket. Its such hard work!(laughs). so its not really kun fu…more like controlled kun fu. (laughs). well I will work hard at rehersals so I can put on a good show in december.
So now we will be having the korea con and then at the end of the year the butai so it’s a year that will end with this butai. What sort of year was it? This year was a year where many things happened. It started with the solo con that I always wanted to do and I was so happy about that and the figurine making right? When I started I got really into it and I was like I WILL make 100 figurines! (laughs). and then as soon as I got my figurine making engine started, I went into the filming for kiroi namida and then my making process sort of died down. (laughs), and then concert rehersal, summer con, Asia, ….from when we were filming for the movie and the asia tour, our schedules have been jam packed. It was a year that many things happened really. It was so long..(laughs), Next year we have the release of the movie and then in January we have the conert so it really feels like we have done work!
Emotionally I think it was a year that I changed a lot. When the Japan tour was about to end, I started making things out of stone (laughs) and so my range of hobbies increased. Personally I think that my way of thinking has really changed as well. I really think it was a year that I was able to focue on my hobbies and so I had so much fun. I thought ‘ from now on I am gonna start doing things I like’. Also I learnt that I really like making things…I think I am made for drawing and making things by myself. Recently I started thinking I wanna make things from concrete. Maybe make some huge ornament. Next year, along with the conrete I wanna draw a really huge picture. Anyway, 2006 was the best year out of the 25 years I have lived.

MASAKI AIBA-Recently we have been doing rehersals for the korea con. And also I went to AFRICA! I did filming for ‘Shimura doubutsuen…’ again (laughs). I have been going away a lot recently havnt i? I even went to Africa during the Asia Tour you know!and after the Taiwan con I went to honk kong for filming.
Also what else? Oh football! FOOTBALL (or soccer …for all u Americans) I have been talking about playing soccer for ages now right? And at last the uniforms have been made! So we have decided to play tomorrow. I really think it will go ahead! The team members? Of course it will be arashi (laughs). oh and also the staff at J-Storm. At the beginning we had so many ideas for the uniform designs. Like Jamaican colours (red yellow and green). But it ended up being really normal…completely white with some black lones, its really a plain uniform(laughs). ever since we received the uniform I have been wearing it. I wore it to rehersals yesterday, and I will wear it today. Im wearing it everyday!(laughs). I cant wait for tomorrow!
Saying that I haven’t really played soccer that much (laughs). maybe in PE a couple of times. I think sho chan is the only experienced one. But, the whole thing with sho chan being good at soccer…its just for tv (laughs). we have seen how bad he is at sports from many of the programmes we have done. Right? That is the truth, although it’s a shame (laughs). But when you say that to sho chan he gets really pissed. He says ‘The only sports I can do is SOCCER!’ really angrily. So im thinking maybe I will secretly film it (laughs). but I really wanna enter a competition or something. But everyone says ‘ no, I’m too embarassed’. Wont it be fun? Even if we loose the fact that we all signed up together and took part will be fun!, that’s what ii thought anyways.
OK! So recently that’s how it has been. Maybe I will look back on this past year (laughs). I definitely think personally it has been a really international experience for me. Saying that my English has not improved at all. (laughs). But I am remembering a few words, Although they are a little wrong….i seem to be communicating. Im really good at that sort of English (laughs). its ok if its about right. Kinda like this (laughs).
When I went to Africa for the first time for filming, after filming, we all went for a meal on the terrace of a restaurant. And then on the table next to us were these foreigners. I don’t know if they had never seen Japanese people before but they kept staring at us. And then I though ‘ok go talk to them’ and I went to sit next to them. And we drank together. I had no idea what they were talking about but we stayed for about two hours saying things like ‘Japanese CHEERS!’ (laughs). Cos I had no idea what they were on about, we tried to make out what they were saying by their expressions. And half of it was actually right.but…I really do feel like I wanna learn properly. Especially I think you should learn English. Cos you can use it wherever you go.
2006 was so fun cos I went to so many places, not just for animal programmes but also with the asia tour. And also with the japan tour we went to so many places. ‘Arashi no shukudaikun’ started too. Variety programmes, concerts, special progrmmes…I was even able to become a human bird (laughs). that was the day after we got back from Taiwan. I have done so many things. It was such a fun year! But first we have to make the korea con a huge success, then come back and do the countdown..and then next year January we have the japan con. I think when that is over it will feel like the year is over.

KAZUNARI NINOMIYA-Right now, we are doing rehersals for the korea con. Also, everyone in arashi will be doing 5 a side football/soccer, After the concert rehearsal ends. We were like..seeing as we have made a uniform and all, lets do it. Well, ill try and have fun anyway. Arashi soccer! (laughs. apparently the soccer wa really fun).Also talking of December, letters from iwojima and tekkon kinkreet are gonna be released. I would really like you to see them. In tekkon, they let me be a voice actor. I was so happy that I was able to do the voice of kuro from a manga that I like. But, when I was recording it, my nose got blocked and and tummy rumbled and also my feet started making noises. I dunno but the human body makes many sounds (laughs). it’s a really good piece of work. I really felt the producer and directors hard work. So many nice people came together.
‘letters from iwojima’ is said to be a joint movie with ‘flags of our fathers’ but whichever one you see, I think that as long people understand that war shouldn’t happen its ok. I think it is ok if people watch ‘flags…’ but I think Japanese people should watch the Japanese one. You cant laugh and its not fun but its not painful cos it’s a true story. After 61 years, people in the present will be able to try to understand what people were going through. I don’t know if that was a long time or short amount of time. We are just here for people to understand. But I think it would be good for Japanese people to see the American point of view as well but if people can grasp how serious the events were just by watching the American one then I think that’s ok too. I think there are so many different ways of seeing it.
Memories of filming? It was scary. You don’t know where the explosives have been placed. You know, even if they tell you , its gonna go off aroud here, you don’t know if its gonna go off before you run past it or after you run past it. And like how big its gonna be….. I was running for my life. The scenes with explosions were amazing. Just with one BANG! I thought the rocks were gonna split. The body hurts just with the sound. So I really think those explosion scenes will be good.
I really worked hard. During the waiting time, all i did was play games (laughs). I cleared like 3 games. All you could do was laugh…..cos sometimes, I would wait for 3 days without a scene.(laughs). I was on standby for 3 days and wasn’t even called up. Its unbelievable. I was told like ‘ok, filming is done for today!’ and then I would take of my bandageds I had wrapped around me and change into my own clothes …its basically a cos play event! (laughs). Cos there was so much of this waiting time, my game console broke cos I played it so much. It was such a good environment (laughs). I wonder what I will think cos this will be the first time I see the completed movie. I hope it will be so good that my memories of filming wont come back to me.
When I look back at this year…It started with the drama in jan and then filming in lA. And then after that, we did ‘kiroi namida’, and then concert, and concerts , and concerts, …..and we still haven’t finished (laughs). and then during that I did the recording for tekkon kinkreet….3 movies, I worked hard! It was such hard work. This year. Even though I say that every year! I get tired just thinking about the year. Remembering so many things! (laughs). now I have filming for the drama. 2006…it was a good year it hink. But I don’t think I will really know until next year begins.

hope you guys all enjyed that.. dont we just love the arashi boys...!!!
opinions are greatly appreciated and also requests for the new year too!!!


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