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Arashi on marriage

hope everyone is going to have, or has had a great new years eve!!! i am just getting ready to go out for new eyars eve...ahh...2006, what a eventful year is was
n e way..i know quite alot of people have translated the article on arashis view on marriage..but some people have only translated for their fav members...i have sho chan , oh chan, jun kun , and aiba chan...i will do ninos if people request but its just that quite a few people messaged me saying they ahd already read ninos and wanted the other memebers...n e way

SATOSHI OHNO – “A wife that can catch and prepare fish would be a perfect one (laughs)”

Marriage compatibility checklist for satoshi ohno
1. Same conversational topics
2. Same interests
3. Can cook
4. Kind
5. Isn’t fussy about food
6. Walking speed is the same as me
7. Find the same things important
8. Can drink
9. You have a stupid/immature side
10. Find the same things funny
11. Is free thinking/open minded
12. Isn’t fussy about clothes
13. is able to fish
14. can prepare fish that has been caught
15. Isn’t tight with money
16. Likes weird art
17. has a dream
18. Up for anything
19. Can be emotional
20. Can be friendly with my parents

Advantages if you marry oh-chan
1. Have a relaxed life- I think there are people who want their wives to wear their make up even if they are at home, but I don’t mind. And you wont have to diet, because I will like you the way you are so you can relax.
2. I will treasure our time together- Now, I often go to my friends house or go out for drinks but when I get married, I am thinking of stopping that. We will have loads of time to spend together as I will try and spend all my days off at home.
3. I will do all the washing up – When I was younger, I used to help wash the dishes to make my mum happy. So although I cant clean rooms, I can clean dishes. When we are married I will do all the cleaning up.
4. I will clean the bathroom – Apart foform washing dishes, the other house work chore I can do is cleaning the bathroom. So obviously I will do this too. I hope I will be able to help out as much as I can to keep you happy.
5. I will give you hand made pressies – everytime we have an anniversary or birthday, I will always make a handmade present filled with my love. If you want I will even make you your wedding ring. I want to give the person I love a one of a kind, original.

‘I think I will be able to live comfortably with someone like me’
If I was to get married, I would like someone who is like me. So when I noticed, all the points I raised here fit with me too (laughs). I mean, living with someone who is like you would definitely better. Firstly, if our tastes are the same we can appreciate the same things, and if you had the same interests to make things like me, we could make things together.
Even if you are not interested in making things, if our tastes and the things we like are the same, I think you would be able to understand my work. If our tastes match, it must mean that you like abstract/original art. It means you probably have an open mind and same sense of humour. They all sort of connect,
It would be ok if you weren’t that good at housework. Although I said I would like ‘someone who can cook’, I am the sort of person who finds anything tasty. Actualy, I would probably prefer not to have someone who was really gourmet and fussy about their food. I wouldn’t be able to drink with someone who wasn’t ok with a beer with cucumbers as snack (laughs).
When I said, someone who is up for anything, I meant someone who doesn’t plan every little thing, but can go with the moment. Someone who could enjoy a really unorganized holiday. Even so, when it comes to life, I think some organization is necessary. It would be nice if we could live towards our hopes and dreams together.
SHO SAKURAI-“Please could my wife stop me as I am short tempered”

Marriage compatibility checklist for sho sakurai
1. Is good at cooking.
2. Can separate waste.
3. We find the same things important.
4. Is friendly with their family.
5. Has manners
6. Can appreciate other peoples feelings.
7. Is openminded.
8. Can drink alcohol.
9. Is sociable.
10. Is liked by friends
11.Is excited by the same things.
12. takes their work seriously.
13. has a driving license.
14. Can stand by their opinion.
15.Likes music.
16. likes children
17. Has a cute smile
18. Is positive
19. Takes long baths even in summer
20. Will stop a fight.

Advantages if you marry sho-chan
1. I will take you on holiday – at the Sakurai household, every summer we used to go on holiday so when I get married I wanna go on family holidays often. Whether that is within japan or international, if you tell me where you wanna go I will take you there.
2. I will take videos – I f we go on holiday, we would have to keep our memories on video right. I will take the video for you. Even on holiday with friends, I an always filming(laughs). If I take the video I will also edit it.
3. I will look good when I eat- I am one of those people who eats a lot. People tell me my reaction to good food is really good. Im sure when I eat my wifes meals I will eat it with a look of happiness.
4. I will do celebrations properly – I will make sure we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every year. Sometimes on MMA filmings, we meet granddads who havnt ever celebrates their wifes birthday, but I am going to give presents every year.
5. I will try and drive you around as much as possible – When we are on holiday, it would be nice if we could swap driving, which is why I put ‘has a license’ on my checklist. But I will try and drive as much as possible. I will try and pick you up and drive you places as much as possible.

‘ I wouldn’t be able to marry a girl without manners’
I think the main point would have to be someone who has the same values as me. I think it would really depend on this, and I wouldn’t be able to start a family with someone who has different values to me. I mean we would have trouble with finding conversation. I mean it would be awful if you said ‘ This really funny thing happened to me today…’ and the other person didn’t find it at all funny (laughs).
Also I would like someone who gets along with family. Someone who takes care of and gets along with people from current family would probably trasue the family they make with me. Also someone who has no manners is not good. A girl who suddenly spoke to one of my senpais in slang would be……..i need someone who understands that relationship.
Also if I could drink with you it would be nice. Even if you cant drink, someone who has the same energy as me would be fine. Even if you can take your alcohol, its fine. I have confidence that I wont loose (laughs). Also someone who has lots of sociable friends would be a plus. I like someone who is likes by colleagues, but I don’t mind if you have a lot of guy friends too. Because I would trust you…..which is kinda of a lie (laughs)…but I really I don’t mind if you had a lot of guy friends. Because someone who has is probably someone who had appeal as a human. I think it is impotant we can enjoy the same sort of atmosphere. Then we could collaborate with each others friends. If possible it would be nice to listen to ‘Fight Song’ and arouse the atmosphere! (laughs).

MASAKI AIBA-When we get married lets go camping

Marriage compatibility checklist for masaki aiba
1. Is good at cleaning.
2. D
3. Is strong in arguments
4. Won’t fuss over particular things.
5. Can play golf
6. Has the same values
7. Likes a challenge
8. Doesn’t have likes and dislikes for food
9. Can cook
10. Isn’t flashy/lavish/dressy
11. Is sometimes flashy/lavish/dressy (sorry, there is a word for this but I cant think of it!!!!! Grrr)
12. Has a nice walk
13. Can drink alcohol
14. Has short nails
15. Can camp
16. Has many friends
17. Keeps a good balance over everything
18. Likes anime
19. Likes famous movies
20. Is tough

Advantages if you marry Ma-chan
1. Can go to zoo’s with a free pass – Because I go to many zoos for work, I will take you around the entire world. When I say free pass, I was exaggerating. Im not that famous yet so I will have to secretly bribe them (laughs).
2. I will do BBQ’s for you – When we do BBQ’s at camp, I will make a fire for you. And I will cook and serve all the meat and vegetables for you. But, if you can I would prefer if you put up the tent (laughs).
3. I will play with you LOADS! – I am confident that I can raise any atmosphere. Even if we are alone, I will keep you entertained as if we were with loads of people. It might be quite fun if we went to a bar , just the two of us (laughs).
4. I will buy you gifts - Cos I go to loads of different places for work, I will always bring you something back. For example yummy foods from that place and I will buy you t-shirts that match with the other arashi members (laughs).
5. I will do anything for you - I want to do anything I can for you. I would like to be able to do anything my wife wants. For example, if my wife wants me to wake her up in the morning, I’m not great in the mornings but I will try my best.

There isn’t anything particular when you ask what factors I look for with marriage. I see marriage at the top of the list when it comes to love. I think it would be good if you could do housework. I put cooking and cleaning on my checklist but even so, I don’t expect a high level. Even if you cant do it at the beginning, there are those who improve with practice.
I think it is really important, whether it a girlfriend or wife, that we can have a really fun time together. So, id possible it would be nice if you coud join me in my games. If you could play gold, go camping and come drinking with me then it would definitely appeal to me. It doesn’t matter if you cant drink. As long as you want to come and have a fun time that’s fine. For that reason I said I liked someone who likes a challenge. To me, someone who has ‘good balance over everything’ is really important. I don’t really like people who are like ‘ I can only do this’ or ‘ I only like this’.
I don’t have a great walk and I drag my feet across the floor so my eyes, I think, would naturally look at a girl who had a really nice walk. Also, I don’t like people who have nails that are too long. I think nail art is ok but I don’t think its good if you cant open a can of juice cos of your nails. Also, I have many DVDS of anime at home so I would like someone who would understand them. You wont have to watch them with me but I would like you to not take the piss out of me and just watch over me (laughs).

JUN MATSUMOTO – “ I want to marry someone who is strong and healthy.”

Marriage compatibility checklist for jun matsumoto
1. Feels good being together
2. Is able to look at other peoples actions
3. Understanding of others
4. Has a sensitive fifth sense
5. Likes cooking
6. Good after just waking up
7. Is good at saving
8. Has a caring/obsessive (theres not a word in English) personality
9. Likes herself
10. Has a hobby
11. Likes art
12. Reads books
13. Likes children
14. Quick thinking minds
15. Takes action
17. There is something bad about her personality
18. Is pretty without makeup
19. Likes nature
20. Has a strong and healthy body

Advantages if you marry jun-kun
1. You will have more friends – Naturally the number of your friends will increase cos I will introduce you to all of mine. If my wife becomes friends with my friends then we can all go out together. I want to go out together, not just on my own.
2. You will become more sociable – if the number of your friends increases then you will have more chances to speak to people. So I have no doubt that you will become more sociable. You will become someone who treasures the time they spend with their friends, like me (laughs).
3. You will become stronger in arguments – I’m quite a contradicting person. So if you live with me I think before you know it you will be more confident in the way you say things. If you want we can have a argument match once every week (laughs).
4. You can eat yummy food – even after we are married I will take you to places with good food. I feel I know quite a few good restaurants cos I have loads of friends. Its would be nice if we could go to a nice restaurant for important dates ne?
5. You might be able to go on holiday to space?! – I am really interested in space travel and I really want to go one day. Btu it would be so expensive. If we went together we would need a lot of funds….. maybe we could get a sponsor (laughs).

What is most important to me is that I feel comfortable when we are together. That’s something that I personally “judge” so I cant really explain it. But, basically If you don’t get caught on ‘my antenna’ then it would be impossible for us to have a future.
Its also really important that you can watch other peoples actions. For example you know there are those types of people who don’t look at the people around them when they are in a large group? I cant stnd people who cant look at the people around them and take action (e.g. topping up drinks etc). I like someone who can sense the small change in seasons or can find that one flower blossoming from between the concrete (so cheesy jun kun!!!). also when we embrace, the feeling I get will be really attractive and appealing to me. I think its good to be able to express what you are feeling straight, but I think it is really beautiful when you can express really slight nuisances in emotion. For that you would need a really wide range of vocabulary. That’s why I think its important for you to read books and appreciate the arts.
It may seem as though I am looking for someone who is really clever and perfect but I think humans always have to have a downside as well. That’s why I put ‘someone who has a bad point about their personality’ in my checklist. I think it is more interesting for someone to have something about them that makes me feel like ‘ aww..thats a bit annoying/too much to handle (again no word for it in English) (laughs).
But, I thin the points I have raised here today are really high level. If there is anyone out there who fits all these points please let me know (laughs).
(creds to tess chan for all the amazingly high quality scans...couldnt do it without you hun...mwah!)
i just wanna marry all of them!!!!
HAppy new year everyone...i wish all you guys all the happines, health, success and peace in the world!!!



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