Yuuki (yuuki_nyanmaru) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Hidamari no Kanojo [Making Of]

Hello everyone! mikunicchi and I have collaborated for subbing the making of Hidamari no Kanojo. You can find the sub in both our communities, so head over to either her post (here) or at mine (here). Both a_drop_of_time and anohi_anoscene are member-locked, so if you'd like to join please apply in their membership posts.

Jun's always cold...

P.S: back then, I even released a project for Nino's birthday, but I forgot to share it here. I had subbed his cut of the [2020.06.06] anishi and some CMs. If you're interested, the post is here ^^
Tags: video (subtitled - english), video: other

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