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Listens: Arashi - 5x20

Project Arashi 5 x Infinity

We're saying farewell to ARASHI at the end of the year, but is it really a forever goodbye? We don't think so.   Let's send Arashi off with our 5 x Infinity love <3

Hello, My Fellow Arashians! 

What started as a thought has become a worldwide collaboration.
With help from Arashi fans from across the globe, we hope to portray our love, support and gratitude to Arashi in a global fan video project to be released before the end of the year. It will be a cover of Arashi's 5x20 with new lyrics written from the fans' perspective in Japanese and English, featuring:

— Singing (we're covering 5x20)

—  Fan art 

— Fan pictures

— Fan messages

— Thank you section (saying Thank you in your native language)

We accept submissions from everyone from anywhere and will do our best to translate, if we can. For more details, please check out our Twitter or our LJ page.

We hope many of you can join us to create this farewell gift to Arashi. With your participation, maybe there will be enough wind to carry it to the storm :)

Please leave a comment, DM us, or check us out on Twitter, if you're interested!

With Arashi in heart and soul,

☁️Project Arashi 5 x Infinity 🌈


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